The Green Edit

Good evening! I know, it’s not usually this late that I tend to publish my work, but i’ve had such a super busy day at uni today so I couldn’t get away to write to you all!

Now I have the chance, so let’s get into it…

I’ve come up with a few themes for the upcoming months. Today is all about The Green Edit. Before this year, green wasn’t my colour of choice. I didn’t think it suited me and I didn’t think I could really ‘pull it off’. However, having an epiphany a few months ago, I realised I did like the colour green.

This isn’t all shades of green though. I’m a lover of a moss / darker green. I believe it can suit everyone, with the correct outfit / attire to match.

The Green Edit

Skater Green

  • Oversized Top: Boutique shop in Nashville, America.
  • Green Shirt: Beasleys (Vintage Store)
  • Shoes: Comme Des Garçons

This would be such a cute go-to look for a warmer Autumn sunny day. You can wear tights with it if you wish!

The green colour is the item that stands out. I paired this altogether because the black shade allows the green, white & red colours to stand out in the whole outfit.

By layering the oversized top with a similar lengthened shirt, makes the attire look comfortable and cool. You could have the dress / top longer or the other way around. I prefer to have my outer wear longer than my tops / dresses!

Velvet Green

  • Velvet Trousers: M&S
  • Knitted Cream Jumper: M&S
  • Blouse: Zara

Velvet is IN people!!!! I’ve always loved velvet. I wore a velvet dress to my boyfriends winter ball last year & I felt so glamorous.

This year I decided to purchase some velvet trousers. You can wear them smartly (shown paired with a white blouse). Or you can wear them casually (paired with the oversized knit jumper).

I really really really love when colours like this contrast, yet suit SO WELL together, such as whites & deep greens.

The knit jumper is also hooded, meaning it’s perfect for Autumn. If it rains or if I want my hair not to get blown about in the wind, I can simply put the hood up & look put together still hahah!

These darker velvet green trousers are such a statement piece. Worth the money too, good price. I really like shopping at M&S. People our age always assume that if it’s M&S then it must be for “older people”, eeeeerrrrmmmm, no. It’s for ALL PEOPLE! M&S have great bra’s too, check them out.

Velvet is the fashion statement of Autumn, I’m telling ya.


Kate Moss or Jumper Moss? (I’m only kidding, it rhymed well)

  • Green cropped jumper: Femme Luxe
  • Jeans: Urban Outfitters
  • Belt: M&S

This moss coloured jumper is fabulous. This jumper was actually Blogger Mail from femme luxe finery. They contacted me on Instagram, asked me what pieces I’d like from their collections & sent me a few beautiful pieces of clothing, which included this jumper.

I chose this cropped green jumper because I like the look of cropped jumpers paired with high waisted clothing. Such as some high waisted trousers or a really cute high waisted skirt. The jumper is also off the shoulder, meaning I’d wear it in warmer Autumn weather, or i’d match a big fluffy coat on top!

The moss like green goes well with my skin tone, adding a bit of colour / contrast to me, as I can tend to go even more pale in winter, it’s tragic.

Blue jeans with a ‘worn’ look to them pair perfectly with cropped green jumpers. Blue & Moss Green = love.

Subtle Greens

  • Jumper: Newlook (from ages ago)
  • Trousers: Stradivarius

Wearing a dark green knit such as this, I enjoy matching it with something completely different. Bright bottoms allow the darkness of the jumper to ‘calm down’ the whole outfit.

I’ve had this jumper for years and lemme tell you, it’s never felt any different. It only feels a bit worn, the colour has NEVER changed. It’s an angel disguised as a jumper.

I like to pair knitted jumpers with high waisted elastic aged bottoms, so you can tuck the jumpers in and make the attire comfy and collected.

I’d wear black boots with this outfit or some white trainers.

Out Out in Green


  • Over the knee boots: Public Desire
  • Dress: MissGuided
  • Shirt: Beasleys Vintage Store

This shirt is shown in the previous paragraph, but I thought I’d show you another way of styling it for a completely different occasion.

Going Out Out, as in clubbing (or on a night out) people can dress obviously how they want. Saying that in mind, there’s kind of a taboo rule for what to wear when going out out. You basically wear accordingly to your location. For example, you would dress up amazingly in your best clothes if you were on a night out in London or a City. Whereas where I’m from, only Northampton, you don’t tend to go ‘all out’. I would probably wear an outfit like this! It’s simple, yet can be dressy.

I wear a jacket / oversized shirt like this to keep me warmer as the night goes on, plus the boots will keep my legs extra warm, love you my Public Desire boots.

The rest of the outfit is black, so then my green shirt can stand out and be the major fashion piece to the outfit without being too noticeable in a crowd.

If you wanted to wear this casually, I’d wear the outfit with some black thin tights, and then wear the dress on-top of the shirt, so the whole outfit looks like an all in one dress with long sleeves, instead of a simple dress with a shirt on top.

Tuck the shirt / hide the shirt under the dress & you have a whole new look! Just play about with your colours this season. I’ll be wearing greens!

For collaborations, please contact me through my Instagram, email me or comment down below.

Instagram: soph.h


My angels, hope you have an angelic weekend.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by sophie xo



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