Modelling for NoaNoa: the event & the fashion world

Hi my angels, hope your Friday is going super well so far & hope you’ll have a great rest of your day.

I’ve had honestly such a busy two weeks. I’m shattered & I can’t wait to just chill out this weekend & watch lots of movies & drink lots of hot chocolates, mmmm.

I went into uni today from 9.30 until 4ish (I’m shattered) to do photography. I have a photography module in fashion promotion & communication, so i’ll be taking lots of fashion images & casting for models.

Last year was all about learning the camera & photography equipment, and this year i’ll be styling a LOT MORE. I’ll show you all my images that I take on here and my Instagram. I’ll be also making a scrap book, of all my images & modelling pictures. So much to come !!! I can’t wait to cast for models!

As I said in my previous post on Tuesday, I had been asked to model for Noa Noa, a fashion brand which have a boutique in Olney, UK. The hosts (The Cherry Tree, located in Olney), asked Noa Noa to show their A/W 2019 collections! I showed off 4 full outfits in total, I felt like a Autumnal princess hahah!

I modelled items from cosy jumpers and thick coats, to art trousers and pretty blouses. Walking around in heels was so much fun & I really enjoyed talking to everyone who attended. It was nice to speak to others and get to know how other people style themselves!


The manager of the NoaNoa Boutique said I can model for them again & I can’t wait!

I’m hoping to model lots more & get more experience in modelling & fashion shows. I also sorted out the items of clothing that other models were wearing; I only put them in order of the show & paired them together. But it was still exciting!

I really like how I’ve been asked now to model twice for people. I feel honoured & really special that people / companies would like me to model for them. Means the world! The reason that I hope to model more is because I want more diversity in the fashion industry. People might think I don’t look very different or that i’m nothing special, which is fine. But I’m modelling because I want petite people to stand out for once & feel good about themselves.

I’ve grown up so far in life being asked to model & be in modelling agencies, and then getting told “oh we didn’t realise your height, sorry we don’t accept anyone smaller than 5”8.” I want to change this.


I want to possibly be the person who changes fashion in a really positive way! (Big aim I know). But I believe that if I put my heart and soul into it then I could achieve it.

Modelling makes my heart burst into a million happy pieces, I love to walk around in clothes that actually make me feel great. I get so happy & get another persona, I become really confident which isn’t a usual trait of mine hahah! But it makes me feel great & i’d love for other petite girls / women to feel like they can get up on a catwalk & strut their stuff too!

Just because I have shorter legs & i’m not a typical “look” of a model, it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. If you put your mind and soul into whatever you do, YOU CAN DO IT. Just believe, pour your heart into everything you do & I promise you that you’ll eventually get there.

I’m no way near being a ‘model’, but all of these events that i’m modelling at are a path for me into the industry. Hopefully one day LFWF & other massive fashion shows and events will be modelling petite models & will be allowing us smaller girls to feel great. Any & every height, race, religion, size, weight & so on should be able to walk on catwalks & model for companies.

As individuals, we all need people to look up to. Whether that’s your family, friends, actors, singers, musicians, doctors, builders or whoever you admire. But for me, as I’ve been so invested in time & love for fashion, i’m looking for someone to look up to. And that person is gonna be me.

If one day I could maybe model as a petite model in London Fashion Week or a magazine, then my goal is achieved. Petite people can do it too. Diversity is still far off in the fashion world, but I believe our generation are the ones to DO IT!!!

Have faith. Have hope. Make your life YOURS! Do whatever makes you happy, and carry on striving for what you want. You can do it & will do it. If I can do it, then so can you.

Dream big my angels, and then dream even B I G G E R.

(p.s: once I have more photographs from the event, I will include them on this post & my Instagram in the following days).

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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