Fittings, Fashion Looks & Events

Hello angels, welcome back to another Tuesday post!

I have uni today, which I will be attending once I’ve gone to my fitting this morning. I’m so excited! I’ve been asked to be a model for a company called Noa Noa, who are in a nearby village to me, Olney.

The fashion brand is very simple, sophisticated yet fashionable. It’s pieces can be from basic white shirts to more colourful classics. They have a very large range of items which would suit everyone. Their target market is probably for late 20’s up to 50’s. However, saying that, it doesn’t mean that younger or older women can’t wear their clothing. This is why I’m modelling for them, to show my readers & Instagram followers that you can wear whatever you like! It doesn’t have to always be aimed at their specific target market!

I shall be at the fitting this morning, trying on multiple clothing items & then seeing what I will be wearing on the night. The event is this Thursday & i’m very excited! Another great event that I can stick into my experiences.

I’ll tell you all about it on Friday!

I’m then attending uni. I’m gonna get my head stuck into uni and focus heavily on this degree. I have two years left, so let’s get it done.

This weekend I visited my boyfriend, Jonny, in Hull. That’s where he attends uni. He is studying Medicine & I couldn’t be prouder of him, he has tried so hard to get to where he is & he makes me more proud every day. He’s a great boyfriend & best friend in one.

We went to the Hull fair together which was really fun! I went last year with him & it was even better this time. There was street / fair food, games & rides. The Hull Fair is actually the largest fair in Europe (fun fact of the day).

We also went shopping; my favourite hobby. I bought a vintage shirt which is soooo cute. It’s a green & white dog tooth printed large shirt. It shall be worn very soon.

I then bought some amaze trousers from Topshop. I don’t tend to buy from Topshop tbh. However, they had a huge sale on. So these flared trousers that I bought were meant to be £45 and I bought them for £10!!!! A great purchase I have to say so myself. Jonny & my dad really don’t like them hahaha, but I don’t care, fashion is my thing so you don’t have to love them (I hope you’re both reading this).

  • Jacket: AllSaints
  • Trousers: Topshop (£10)
  • Trainers: Puma
  • Cat-eye Sunglasses: Accessorize

We then went to see the new Venom movie, which all the critics said was an awful movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s just the typical action / marvel movie, so I loved it! Comment below if you’ve seen it & your opinions on the film.

On the Sunday we went for a roast dinner at a nearby restaurant, the food was fab! I think i’d love every single carvery / roast dinner though, so i’m being bias. A roast dinner is just such a great tasting meal. With everything you LOVE on your plate, all in one….mmmm.

Leaving him always sucks. He just makes me super happy & I guess he’s like my happy place! I’d be in a mood & he’s the only person that can instantly get me out of it…just gives me food tbh hahaha. Only joking, but he does genuinely make me laugh & make my day. But he needs his degree & i’ll support him from afar! Think the next time I see him is near his birthday, so gotta get present thinking!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading! I’ll show you / tell you more about the fitting & catwalk on Friday angels. I’m too excited for it! Getting another chance to prove to people that petite people CAN MODEL!

In addition, my GIVEAWAY ends today!!!!! I’ll be announcing who the winner is on my Instagram later today!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo




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