Unboxing my fantastic OGX Beauty products!

My angels! Welcome back to another Friday morning post.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of OGX Beauty? I hope so because if not then you’re missing out big time! OGX products are sold in many highstreet drug stores, such as the UK’s largest drug stores: Boots & Superdrug. Which makes me sooo excited and bubbly that I have their fab products.

I’m in awe of their packaging, it’s simple yet incredibly professional & sleek. The products themselves are incredible.

I’ve struggled over the years with my hair type. It used to be sooo curly, and now that it’s all chopped off just the underneath & back of my head is curly & the rest is wavy. But during the summer months it can get really tangled & frizzy.

I’ve been in contact with OGX over the past couple weeks & they kindly asked me what hair type I have, so they could send me great products for my own hair! I mentioned that it can be frizzy at the back & they sent me these through the post.

I’ve used them for the first time this morning since being sent them & I’ve actually never had a shampoo & conditioner that sorts out my frizz, well this did just the trick!!

I’m genuinely shocked & wow’ed at these OGX hair products. I’ve always used their Argan Oil (which by the way is fantastic) but I’d never ventured further because I’ve always stuck to the same boring shampoos. Now this is a true game changer!

I’ll definitely be using these products all the time now. I know for a fact that they’ve already done wonders for my hair type, so i’m going to try out the rest of their hair care range. Can’t wait!!!

OGX Beauty so kindly sent me a shampoo & conditioner from their Kukui Oil range. They’re huge bottles filled with such goodness!

Quote from OGX packaging:

”Indulge your tresses with this exotic formula with Kukui nut oil, an ancient Hawaiian secret. This humidity resistant formula helps to create a shimmering gloss, smooth texture and repel humidity, to help make every day a a ‘good hair’ day”.

These specific hair products hydrate & defrizz, meaning your hair will be left super smooth but still keep your luscious curls. I struggled with previous hair products from other companies because my hair would always end up frizzy after washing it. But now using OGX Beauty, I’ve found that they’ve worked their magic on my hair. I’m so happy!

I always leave my hair to naturally dry, and I can just tell that the Kukui Shampoo & Conditioners from OGX have really helped my curls already. Very happy with the results I’ve had from these Kukui Oil shampoo & conditioners. The smell of these Kukui product is wonderful, it’s so refreshing & makes your hair smell like a Kukui Nut, which by the way smells fabulous.

I feel like a Hawaiian princess with these products on my hair hahah!

The black packaging with the gold & white touches makes the bottles look heavenly & they really stand out. I highly recommend having a look at their range of hair products and trying out some for yourselves. If you’re needing a shampoo & conditioner to help your hair hydrate & defrizz, then I suggest popping into your nearest Boots store or Superdrug & having a look at OGX Beauty. They have a huge range of hair treatments to help your hair & get the ultimate best results for your hair!

Have a look at their Instagram page:


OGX Website Link: 


I’d like to say a huge thank you for OGX Beauty for working with me & kindly sending me these beautiful Kukui Oil products to help my hair get soft & pretty! The OGX team even sent me a little sweet bless them, lots of love for the OGX team!


In addition, for the best results for your hair, use in conjunction with other OGX products.

Updates on my OGX Beauty hair journey will be shown on my Instagram: soph.h

Thank you for reading my angels,

Love Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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