My first ever Blogger Giveaway!

Good morning angels! Hope you’re just as excited as I am about my blogger giveaway ahhh!!

I’ve been blogging since January 2018, and to mark all of my wonderful collaborations, kind blogger mail & events I’ve attended, I thought i’d do my first giveaway as it was the right time for me! Because so many companies and readers of have been so kind to me, I thought it was my time to try and give back to you all & show how thankful I am that you’re all reading my posts.

I’m currently a second year student at University of Northampton, studying fashion promotion & communication, and I never thought I’d be able to blog as well as study. I’ve managed for nearly a year to do so, and I’m so proud of myself! I’ve over come many obstacles this year, from being in a car crash myself to then helping another in a car crash only a few months ago. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have not been injured in both incidents. I’m lucky to be here. I’m thankful that I can even blog about my journey from the start of this year to where I am now.

This year has been tough mentally & physically, but it has been tough and can be tough on so so so many others. This small gesture is for someone who has followed my blogging journey, and for someone who I hope these gifts can bring a smile to.

Just because someone looks fine on the outside, doesn’t mean they’re ok on the inside. Sometimes a small gift can bring a lot of joy to someone, and I hope this giveaway does just that!


Included in the makeup giveaway:

  • Benefit Cosmetic’s Sizzlin’ Six: Stay don’t stray Concealer, Hoola, Posie Tint, High Beam, “That gal” face primer, They’re Real Mascara. – all are mini’s.
  • NYX: Born to Glow, Liquid Highlight – Full Size
  • Sleek Make-up: Highlight Palette – Full Size
  • Caroline Gardner London Makeup Bag – Pink
  • L’Occitane Small fragrance spray – violet, saffron & rose scent

This has all been bought by myself, and I truly hope you love them all. Can’t wait for someone special to be receiving this giveaway! So so exciting !!!

To Enter Giveaway:

  1. Follow me on Instagram: soph.h
  2. Like my Instagram Giveaway picture
  3. Follow me on my blog:
  4. For a better chance to win: Tag your friends on the Giveaway Instagram picture. One Tag / Friend = One entry.
  5. When all steps are complete, comment ‘DONE’ on the giveaway Instagram picture.

(Copy & paste this if you need the link to my Instagram):

I’ve reached on my Instagram: 2,521 followers so far and I couldn’t be happier! My Instagram followers fluctuate daily, sometimes I lose 10 followers and sometimes I gain 10. But I wanted to wait until I reached 2,500 followers to then post this giveaway. Thankfully I have, yay!!!

Anyone can enter this competition / giveaway! Just follow ALL of the steps and GOODLUCK!

Giveaway will be closed on the 9th of October. (09/10/18). Two weeks from now! I will contact the winner through Instagram or Facebook later that day.

Love you all my angels,

Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo




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