London Bound

Hello to the angels of the world reading this post, hope your Friday so far has been great, and then from reading this post it’ll be fabulous hahah.

So within the past week i’ve been to London twice, lucky girlyyy! I love London and big cities. The lifestyle is just perfect for me. The nightlife is so vibrant and alive, just fab. I’ll hopefully move to London once i’m prepared and with a job!


I’ll be showing you what I bought during this post. Plus, if you’re wondering why I’m wearing two different outfits, it’s because I went on the different days angels.

We arrived at London on the Saturday around lunch, so we went out to Bella Italia! I loooove it there. Me and my lovely mother shared some garlic dough balls and then a large BBQ pizza, which was lush lemme tell ya. Beautifullll.

After stuffing my face, we decided to have a look around Liberty’s. It would be my DREAM job to work there one day as a fashion stylist / designer. An absolute dream!! I’d love to know your dream jobs, comment down below!

Liberty’s is fabulous, filled with designer goods and fashion creations, it’s all a work of art. If you ever decide to have a trip to London then make sure to visit Liberty’s, you won’t regret it! They also have a super cute cafè / restaurant inside.

We had a mooch about the shops for the rest of the day, I find it so fun shopping in London. I enjoy people watching, I swear it’s a hobby of mine hahha, I always think about what other people’s lives are like and what they do as a career.

My favourite shops we visited in the two days were:

  • Brandy Melville
  • Size?
  • Loccitane
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Anthropologie
  • & Other Stories
  • Lazy Oaf
  • Selfridges – Store (for ageeees, love love love it)
  • Liberty’s – Store
  • Weekday
  • Bershka

I like shops such as Zara and Urban Outfitters, however I like to go different places to find my style. So the places I’ve listed are my kinda stores that I purchase from.

In Selfridges we went to see the Gucci, Fendi & Dior areas, these are a few of my favourite designer brands. I just think their designs and creations are beautiful, from belts to bags to vintage pieces. Vintage is my loooover, I can never have enough, as you all know.


We went into Loccitane, as my mum works at one of their branches, and it’s a great shop. The smells & scents are just loooovely! We even visited their selfie studio hahah, was honestly the best thing ever. You could take pics with a large macaroon or some huge fragrance bottles, hilarious! I wrote my blog & Instagram handles on the picture & left it there with all the others, so people could find it hahah, typical me promoting myself.

From that London trip I purchased a restoring scalp mask from ‘& other stories’. I wanted to try it out before I posted it on here or on my Instagram, and it works like a dream. The mask basically scrubs off all your unneeded scalp skin and basically makes your scalp super clean again!

It also has helped my hair follicles (I believe) by cleaning the surrounding skin off them. So basically my head is extra clean and smooth hahah! Trust me it works.

I’ll be trying out lots of their skin / hair products, so stay tuned.

Scalp scrub: £12.00 – & Other Stories

That was the first visit finished! The second visit was yesterday. We I went there with my sister & her boyfriend.

We visited the same area as the last trip, but just decided to venture into different stores. I went into Bershka and bought some amazing black boots. Perfect for A/W with either a cute skirt or some snazzy trousers, can’t wait to try all the outfits with them, eeeek!

Anthropologie is possibly one of my ultimate stores that I dream of buying from. From their home section to clothing, they create such detailed work that just is so aesthetically pleasing!! They had a wall that was dedicated to plants, how cool is that??

As I’ve said before, Selfridges & Liberty’s are both brilliant, just to even look at! You don’t always have to purchase something in their or even when you go to London in general. It’s a huge city with so much to see and do, shopping isn’t always the main priority!

Alexa Chung had her own area which was delightful, beautiful as per!

Also you’re probably wondering why I’ve taken images of chairs. Well it’s my thing, I’m a fan of interior design and I enjoy taking edgy pictures, so have a few chairs hahah.

Bershka has such a stylish neon light in store, which says “beauty” and I liked it that much I had to take a picture. Purple is my kinda colour at the mo, but i’ll keep you all updated on the colours of Autumn / Winter this year in another post.

These are the black boots from Bershka. They were £39.99 so a great price (in my opinion) and they fit like a glove. It is a ‘sock boot’, which means they pull onto your foot like a sock, with a sock-like material. They fit perfectly around my ankles, I swear they were made for me haha!


As you can see i’ve also just had my nails done today by the wonderful @nailsbygabriellax <- Instagram handle. Pink & glitter = perfect combo.


We ended the day at a Spaghetti House in London, near Liberty’s if you would like to visit! It’s a lovely restaurant with all Italian staff / owners, honestly wonderful! Great food & service, highly recommend.

P.s: the picture of my food does NOT do it justice, it was a bloody brilliant carbonara, to die for.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this later post, I’ve been super busy this week with my trips to London. Speak to you on Friday my golden readers.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo


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