My collaboration with: Aalia Jewellery

Rise and shine happy souls!

Today is a slight change of blog, I was originally planning on talking about how I style my fashion scarves, (which I shall speak about on Tuesday), so instead i’m talking about a wonderful jewellery company that I’ve had the fab opportunity of working with!

Aalia Jewellery

Aalia Jewellery are a UK handmade company which focus on gold filled & gold plated jewellery. It’s all beautiful!! I’m a huge fan of handmade goods, and aalia do this perfectly.

Aalia Jewellery are on Etsy, and they’re located in Cheshire, England. I find it great that I get these fab opportunities, because it allows me to promote local UK companies, which makes me super happy!

I was filled with excitement when they wanted to collaborate with me. I’m truly over the moon! They’ve kindly sent me some blogger mail which you might have seen on Instagram! If not then i’ll be showing you on here the lovely pieces.



I found their Instagram and we decided to collaborate. I feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity.

I chose the moon necklace, which i’m wearing right now! Then they surprised me with another necklace which is also stunning and I shall be showing it to my Instagram followers in the next few days.

I flitter from being a silver fan to a gold fan, but honestly wearing gold suits my skin tone more. As i’m tanned from my holiday to Benalmadena, gold suits me better. I also naturally have a yellowish skin tone, so gold is perfect for me.



As i’ve said in previous posts, i’m a lover of packaging, and this packaging is simple yet makes a huge statement! I loooove it.

I highly believe that good packaging can make such a difference to someone’s shopping experience, and honestly this experience has been wonderful with Aalia Jewellery. They also wrote a lovely letter to me which I shall be keeping in my memory box. If you don’t have a memory box then you’re missing out hahah.

Right this second i’m wearing the moon necklace, and it’s so light and comfy. It suits all of my clothes and styles really well. It will be worn all year round, purely because it’s beautiful and goes well with all colours and shades of clothing.

I will be keeping in touch with this brand because they’ve been so kind and make stunning pieces.

Make sure to have a look at their Instagram page, because you can see how the pieces lay / look on different people and you get an insight into their great brand.

Aalia Jewellery Website:



Here’s me wearing their moon necklace. The gold necklaces from Aalia Jewellery in the sunlight honestly look stunning! We all know about that golden hour girls hahah!

If you’re looking for a different jewellery brand for yourself or looking for early gifts for the big old Xmas, then head over to Aalia Jewellery and take your time finding the perfect piece for you, family or a friend.

Use my Blogger Code: SOPH10

This code will give you 10% off you first order with Aalia Jewellery. The offer ends 23/9/18, so use it whilst it’s still available!

I want to say a huge thank you to Aalia Jewellery, for the beautiful necklaces and for this collaboration. I can’t wait to see what the near future holds! They’re a fabulous brand with stunning pieces.

Remember to have a look at their Instagram & Etsy website.



Hope you all enjoy my friends and family code: SOPH10 for 10% off your first order angels.

I’ll speak to you all on Tuesday!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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