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Hello angels, hope your week has been lovely so far, and for all those working, don’t worry because it’s soon the weekend yay!!

As you all know, I’ve been helping people with their fashion and styling. I’ve been very open and honest to my ‘clients’ and they’ve been super at taking the advice I’m giving out. Thanks to all those who I’ve helped, I’ve gained experience and knowledge as to how to give advice and they’ve gained knowledge on what possibly suits them or how to pair certain items together.

I love to help people, whether it’s in styling, or mental health advice or if someone just needs a chat! It’s important to help those who may need it. I’ve been doing it through clothing, and I believe clothing is important in life because it shows our identities, our likes and how colourful or neutral we can be.

Over this past week, I’ve asked some of those who I’ve helped to just write a review for me, so all of you can read their honest opinions and then I could help you in the near future if needed.


Ella Shakespeare –

Ella’s wanted items every now and again for different occasions. Recently, I helped her with an outfit, as she’s going away soon to London for her birthday, and she wanted some items that I could find for her. She was aiming for girly / posh but not too dressy because she’ll be walking around London! So I picked many outfits out for her, ranging from smart jumpsuits to midi-dresses.

She’s one of my closest friends and this paragraph is so cute, I could die of cuteness from her haha! Bless her<3 – Thank you Ella!



Katie Wheatley – 

Me and Katie have had many conversations, mostly about blogging and fashion related questions back and forth. If you’d like to have a read of her blog it’s:

Katie asked me for fashion advice about what would suit her and her body type. I explained bodysuits would look lovely on her as she’s never previously branched out to purchase one. I’ve sent her images and links to bodysuits, and other garments that would match well with the bodysuits and she really took my advice very well.

Thank you Katie!


Aisha Uberoi – 

Aisha went to NSG and we saw each other around quite a bit. She’s super lovely and it’s very kind of her to write this paragraph out for me at such short notice, so thank you Aisha!

Aisha needed help with how to style herself. She wanted to become more edgy, and it’s hard to find edgy clothing and still know what suits you. So I gave my advice and helped her by searching on the web and found loads of edgy clothing that I would personally wear myself. I love edgy clothes and pairing them up with other items.

Thank you Aisha for writing this!


Becky Mason – 

Becky also went to NSG, she was in the ‘Oak’ building too, the best building can I add hahah;) Anyhow, Becky came to me needing advice because she was getting bored of her wardrobe and I know how that feels girl !! It sucks when you have clothes but they’re either not your style anymore or you don’t know what to match them with. I searched for inspiration for her through Pinterest and she loved them! Thank you so much Becky for giving your review on my styling.

Thank you for writing so much, means the world!


Emily Obrien –

Emily has been a friend of mine for a little while now, she is so talented at making and designing videos and short clips. Check out her Instagram for the videos: _emilyobrien_

Emily needed fashion help with wearing more fitted clothing for different occasions. Emily mentioned that she usually wears baggy clothing, which is fine and I do too! But sometimes you gotta switch it up a bit and venture out and wear fitted clothing. Fitted clothing doesn’t always mean bodycon dresses or skin tight clothes. It can be a lovely fitted smart suit or a lovely fitted blouse.

Em was super honest and really took my advice well. Thank you Em for writing this and for asking me personally for fashion advice! We have both learnt that we have expensive taste hahah;)


I’ve asked others that I’ve helped for their reviews on my work / help. I will possibly add them into this blog later on tonight or i’ll add them into my next post.

Thank you to all of my wonderful styled by Sophie fashionistas<3 I’m so glad I’ve been able to help you, whether it’s give you inspiration or send you items for you to possible purchase.

Means the world that i’m helping people style themselves and maybe get out of the box a bit with their fashion choices. I’ve had people message me from around the world saying if they lived in the UK they’d want me to style them, which is amazing and can’t believe it!

Truly feel blessed.

If you’d like to be ‘Styled By Sophie’, then please get in touch with me through any of my social media platforms:

  • Email:
  • Instagram: soph.h
  • Facebook Messenger: Sophie Henderson
  • Twitter: sophhendersonn


For any collaborations, feel free to email me or drop me a message on Instagram.

Thank you Angels,

Styled By Sophie / Sophie Eleanor xo









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