Hello my angels, wishing you a lovely day ahead of you.

This post is a more deeper one than usual, but it’ll still be peppy. My posts are usually about fashion, vintage items and events. But today I want to talk about life and things I’m slowly processing and you probably all are too.

So today i’m sat inside, watching movies and eating chocolate. So i’m basically having a great time hahah. If you haven’t watched ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’, then you should. I’ve cried for a solid half an hour because it’s actually a kinda sad movie but cringe at the same time. The weather hasn’t been as nice as it has been over the past month. Today it’s raining, but I love the sound of rain on the window, so i’m all peaceful and calm. Hence why I’ve decided to write this post.

All my life I’ve thought about what I want to do for a career. That being said, I pretty much have no clue what I 100% want to do. I love love love fashion and styling. But I also love a lot of other things, such as acting, blogging, vlogging, sports, and singing (no one’s heard me sing though so I could be crap at it). But anyhow, I’ll end up doing something creative as I’m much more of an art based kind of girl.

Anyhow, soon I have some decisions to make. They’re not easy, but life isn’t. Life can be so tough sometimes, and you never know what people are dealing with in their private lives. On social media, it’s easy to let people think everything is fine & dandy, but even the happiest of people on Instagram can have the lowest of thoughts. This is WHY we should all respect one another and guide each other to make great decisions and life choices. Always check on your friends too, and people you don’t even really know. If you see someone upset or they’ve retweeted a depressive or upsetting post, just maybe message them and see if they’re ok, there’s nothing wrong with being caring.

With all this being said, I want this to be a positive post. We all need time to just breathe, and calm down. You don’t want to spend your whole lives having hatred for people and regretting taking opportunities. This year and for 2019, i’m dedicating the whole year to new opportunities and having no regrets. I’m also going to try and forgive people. You will not get along with everyone, and trust me I don’t ahha. But there comes a point in your life where things have piled up on you and you just need to get rid of it all, and start a fresh. And that’s what i’ll be doing, getting rid of negativity and starting a whole new me.

I’m going to be applying for castings and new work opportunities from now on. I’m trying new things, starting to eat more healthily (after this bar of chocolate i’m eating), and taking steps into the right path. Who knows what will happen! Brand new blogging opportunities, working alongside fashion brands and possibly attending castings! I’m looking forward to the future and so should you.

If you’re having a bad time in your life right now, never think that you’re not good enough for anything. I’ve had that feeling and it sucks, I know. The feeling that you’re just doing something for the sake of it, when it fact it’s not truly what you dream of doing. Or that you’re stuck in a job or situation and you don’t know how to over come it. I’ve been there folks. But trust me when I say this, it all works out in the end. Take time for yourselves, breathe, eat your favourite foods, visit places you’ve never been before, party till your hearts content. Just enjoy life! A few times this year I’ve thought that I wouldn’t over come something or ‘this is it’, but it does get better. Have faith, and have love in your hearts.


Never give up on something you’ve always wanted to do, even if it fails or doesn’t work out, at least you’ve tried. Never have regrets and never hold back.<3


Love you all,

Sophie Eleanor xo







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