Vintage Chain Belts

Hello to the wonderful world of blogging, hope you’re all fine and dandy!

So from last night to this morning, I’ve been flying, and no not literally but in a plane ahaha. Our flight from Malaga to London Stansted was delayed by three and a half hours (I believe). So, i’m basically shattered and have had a very long day of being wide awake.

However, I have had a lovely morning. I’ve received a gift from a jewellery brand and I’ve had blogger mail from! So I am a happy yet tired girly. Hence why this post is a late one.

From waking up in sunny Spain to receiving the heavens of god, aka drowned in rain, I needed a bit of cheering up. Seeing my beautiful family has been lovely! I was on holiday with my boyfriend and his family, so not seeing my fam for a lil while was a strange feeling. So it was pleasant to see my cute family.

My mother, good ol’ Louise, mentioned she had some vintage chain belts that she wore when she was my age and stored them in her wardrobe, and I was incredibly intrigued. She brought out two fabulous belts, and when I say fabulous I truly mean it. They’re AMAZE!


How beautiful are these, people?? I don’t think I have a more favourite kind of belt than these now. I love the stirrup shape, the texture and the colours of them. Plain yet edgy, I’m loving them!! So the top one is the larger belt, then the bottom is significantly smaller in chain size.

Larger Chain Belt

The larger chain is heavier and thicker. The horse stirrup styled chain is further apart, allowing the weight to be distributed fairly around the body.

I really like the fact it has less horse stirrup design around it, because it would be too much and too heavy if the design had more. It is plain and simple! A vintage piece I will be wearing non-stop.

Vintage fashion is a real interest of mine. I find vintage items much cooler and interesting, that’s my opinion. I like to be different from other people and I like to have my own style. Items like these vintage belts will last forever and will go with ANY outfit. You’ll ‘pop’ at every occasion.


Smaller Chain Belt

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The smaller chain belt I’ve been wearing today, it is more convenient out of the two chains, purely because its smaller in width and it’s lighter around the waist.

The belt is giving me Gucci vibes, which I am enjoying. I’ve tried this on with a black dress of mine and it looks absolutely wonderful, so you’ll be seeing that very soon on Instagram.

The chain fits through all belt loops, which is handy hahah. The other belt is a slight struggle to shove through the hoops, but it’s worth it in the end.


I would style the larger belt with long and short dresses. I think it would stand out on plain coloured outfits. A black dress with this silver coloured belt would look perfect for A/W styles. I then would match the smaller chain belt with trousers and jeans. The smaller one is more easy to wear, so wearing trousers with it would be more comfortable. In addition, i’d pair the smaller chain with dresses also, because it would give off a dainty / pretty vibe.


This was my outfit of the day. I’m loving a long scarf / headband at the moment !!! I am wearing mine like this for Autumn.

  • Trousers: Stradivarius
  • Blouse: Zara
  • Mules / Slide on Loafers: H&M
  • Belt: Vintage Item
  • Scarf: Vintage Item

Thank you for reading this vintage belts post. I will be posting a holiday vlog next week which i’m super excited to post yayyyy! I’m also uploading a vlog all about Steff Jewellery, which I have worked with in the past and still continue to work with them. I’ve been sent / gifted a beautiful piece of jewellery, which I will be talking all about in my Vlog this weekend.

  • YouTube: Sophie Henderson
  • Instagram: soph.h
  • Email for collaborations:

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo





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