Castillo de Colomares – Christopher Columbus Monument, Benalmádena

Good Afternoon beautiful people! I’m still in sunny Spain, loving life!!

I shall be doing a larger holiday blog when i get back to England, but for now i’ve been writing smaller posts about my holiday and places i’ve been. Today i’m writing about a place i visited the other day, Castillo de Colomares – Christopher Columbus’ Monument.

Myself and Jonny’s family spent the day walking around a beautiful garden of the monument and looked at the wonderful architecture of the buildings. It’s been mid 30’s here (temp wise), so we’ve lapped on the suncream and drank tonnes of water.


This is currently my view as i’m writing this, how beautiful is this place though? I’d definitely recommend a villa in Benalmádena, Spain.

Architecture: The moulding and shaping of the stone / rock was just fantastic. I’m really into design and i constantly look at buildings and see how lovely they look, exterior and interior. A great job would be an interior designer, (just saying).

The Castillo de Colomares is architecturally, a unique castle-style monument which was made in honour of Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus was an Explorer! If you’d like to know more information about him then google shall be your best friend! (i just wanna talk about my day hahah).

Me and my boyfriend can be cute !!! Taking cute images, aw. It was so sunny, hence why he’s got his shades on, lil bug-eyed boy hahha. He’s cute though, bless him.

It’s been absolutely fab spending so much time with him. It can be really hard not seeing him for weeks on end (due to uni), but i’m super proud of him!! This summer has by far been the best one yet!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Throughout the monument, there were water fountains and beautiful statues. Anything with water, (design-wise) i think is beautiful. The way artists and architects create these fascinating pieces and places just wow’s me!

Spending this holiday with my second family has been truly great. Bonding with them even more, making dinners together, going on trips, days out, evening meals, and major pool time has been lovely. What a great holiday i’m having. It’s coming to an end very soon, but i’ve had the best time with them all.

Thanks for reading! Longer posts will be coming as soon as i get my routine back on track. I’m making time for blogging and all this sunshine, so bear with.

I’ve been in contact with lots of fashion, beauty & jewellery companies this week which is extremely exciting news!!! Hopefully more collaborations / work will be completed with the brands. I’ll keep you all updated i’m sure.

Adios Amigos,

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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