Benalmadena – Butterfly Sanctuary

Hola, Como Estas!? Hope you’re all doing amazingly on this beautiful day.

I am on holiday (if you didn’t already know); currently in Benalmadena, Spain. I absolutely love holidays and i’ve been looking forward to this one for half a year now. I’m relaxing in the sun, whilst writing and drinking lots of juice and i’m in my happy place. I’d love to know your favourite holiday destinations are, so comment down below your fabulous trips!

I’m here for nearly two weeks and theres lot’s to talk about. So i will be writing my trip in small doses, and then when i get back i’ll be doing a Benalmadena Vlog and a larger blog post too. I’ve been finding great lighting for selfies on holiday hahah, so i’m sure you’ll be seeing them on my instagram.


So far this holiday we’ve been visiting nearby villages and towns, searching for the best tapas places and of course…eating LOTS of ice cream. I know it isn’t an ice cream as such, but i’m a huge Calippo fan. So i’ve been eating Orange Calippo’s and then chocolate ice creams too.

This morning was a bit different though, because we all visited the butterfly sanctuary!!! It was one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been, it was filled with butterflies, from all over the world. The only downside was that the humidity was at 70, which is bloody high hahaha, but thats purely because the butterflies and other insects that were in there have to have that temp and humidity to live. But the place was spectacular. Butterflies and dragonflies are my favourite insects, i just think they’re truly beautiful and so free. I prefer creatures that don’t ‘buzz’ hahah, although i do love bee’s and we should all be helping them to stay alive and well 😦


These are images from outside of the sanctuary / museum. All staff were so kind and very helpful. The shape of the building intrigued me and we wondered what the building was, to find it was the butterfly museum / sanctuary. Inside was a very large moving (fake) butterfly, which caught everyones eyes i’m sure. This water sculpture was wonderful to look at and i’m a lover of sculptures, especially this water feature.

These are only a few images of the butterflies that were inside the sanctuary. I think the tour guide said there was a few thousand butterflies in this one place, which was like a ‘wow’ moment. All of the butterflies were truly beautiful and artistic looking, their colours were crazy!! One caught my eye which was the one to the left of the three images shown. It’s a Greta Oto butterfly. They’re see-through which completely fascinates me. in person, it’s really a wonderful creature to look at because i’d never seen anything like it before! A true beauty of nature.

The middle butterfly I named ‘Flow’. Flow was on the floor trying to fly, it either hurt itself or it was just hatched from it’s cocoon, i couldn’t quite tell. But i stayed with Flow for a lil while because i didn’t want anyone to stand on her. I would’ve moved her but you weren’t allowed to touch them:( I think an employee moved her when i left, yayay. But anyhow, meet Flow the butterfly. She features on my YT holiday vlog when i put it up hahaha.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Featured inside the sanctuary was a gorgeous waterfall and small pond. I could’ve stayed by the waterfall for days on end. I love the sound of water and it could’ve put me to sleep hahah, so relaxing.

The wildlife inside was amazing! There were animals from Erythrura Gouldiae (which are beautifully bright coloured birds) to Iguanas to then a Wallaby. All were very kindly looked after. Butterflies actually live from 2 to 3 weeks, so the hatching process only takes one minute (the guide said). We even got the chance to see some butterflies hatching, which was great and such an eye opener to wildlife. We live for so long compared to these creatures.


Here you can see only a few of the creatures hatching. They get kept in these until they’re ready to stretch their wings and fly, so they’re safe! These i believe are the huge moths,  named: Attacus atlas. These moths once ready for flying actually hibernate during the day and then explore at night. They’re HUGE, not joking. Actually massive.

Afterwards, me and my boyfriend (jonny) decided to grab some lunch just us two for a cute lunch date. We headed into the town and ate some tapas, yum! Then we got an ice cream to cool us down from the humidity of the sanctuary hahah! Its so hot over here, constantly in the mid 30’s, but i’m not complaining, i loveeee it. Getting a glow tan already and i have another week left, yas.

I will be writing again on Tuesday, so i shall write to you then! In the mean time, head over to my instagram: soph.h to catch up on my recent photo’s from my trip.

Any questions please feel free to ask. I’d love to hear about your favourite trips or holidays so comment down below and i’ll make sure to reply.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo












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