Steff’s Jewellery Event & meeting Love Island’s Jack Fowler and Laura Crane

Hola mis Amigos! I am currently on my beautiful holiday, located in Benalmadena, Spain. I wanted to carry on blogging on my holiday, purely because i want to keep on track with my posts and because i want to blog in the sunshine!

Before my trip to Southern Spain, I was invited to an event in England. I have attended an event by Steffan’s Jewellers before which i absolutely loved, so i wanted to go to this one too. Steffan’s jewellers is located in Northampton and is a wonderful jewellery store. The jewellers also owns another jewellery brand named ‘Steff’s jewellery’, and i LOVE THEIR PIECES! They’re fun, sophisticated yet glamorous.

So, on Saturday i arrived at the event, with my gorgeous friend Ella, she’s so so lovely and i had a great day with her! Instagram: ellashakespeare

The event on Saturday was for Steff’s jewellery collaborating with a very well known writer, Jodi Ellen Malpas. Jodi is New York time’s number 1 best selling author. She has written numerous books, and they remind me of 50 shades of grey themed, so if you’re into all of that then i’d suggest purchasing some of her books. This was a huge positive for Steff’s jewellers, for collaborating with a wonderful author.

The interior of the event was lovely as usual, with drinks on hand and jewellery filled in the windows. So much to look at and so many people to chat to. The queue to have your book signed by Jodi Malpas was hugeee! So many people from far and wide arrived to the event and bought tickets to see Jodi herself. I would say she had a certain market audience for these particular books (women over 30 i’d say). But even though the event wasn’t aimed at my target market audience, i still enjoyed it.

I didn’t get to speak to Julles London, creative director & designer of Steff’s jewellers, however we did notice each other and have been chatting about other possible styling events happening in the near future, which i’m super excited about!! I’ll keep you all updated i’m sure. Julles is very talented and i’m so chuffed that the event was a huge success.

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Outfit details:

  • White top: M&S
  • Pink Cardigan: ASOS
  • Bee Necklace: Steff’s jewellery
  • Trousers: M&S
  • Leather Bag: small shop from Italy


It was fabulous to see so many happy faces at the event! A big well done to Julles for collaborating with Jodi Ellen Malpas and i’m glad it all went smoothly! I spent the day with Ella which i loved, she’s a lovely friend and i’m so glad we’ve been chatting and meeting up more often.

Me and Ella went to a little cafe nearby, i believe it’s called Cafe Crepe? I might be wrong hahah. But we both had some lunch and a drink. I shall be seeing her after my hols YAY1


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, it’s been a smaller one purely because i’m on holiday and i was to enjoy the time i have i the sunshine. Yo’ll be seeing a holiday post soon with a big holiday Vlog on my Youtube Channel.

Btw, in the airport i met my bestfriends hahhaa, it was Love Islands Jack Fowler and Laura Crane. They were both in the same airport as me and i thought i should have a picture hahah, they were nice to even have time for pictures so thank you both! I think they were getting a flight back to the Love Island Villa for the finals.



Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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