Holiday Pamper Sessions & Brand Ambassador Opportunities

Good Afternoon people, I tend to write my posts in the morning, however today has been different due to the topic of my post. From 10am this morning up until 5pm, I’ve been having beauty treatments done for my upcoming holiday, WHICH IS TOMORROW AHHH! I am extremely excited, as you can probably tell.

I’ll list all of the beauty treatments that I’ve had done today and i’ll explain what they are and just general information about them.


Waxing – Body Wax

waxing xx

I had my legs & armpits waxed early this morning. Having darker / brown hair naturally, my hairs show up more, thus me getting this beauty treatment for holiday. I’m all about free your body hair and if you wanna show it then do it, but for me I like to feel smooth and soft for holidays and in general, so i’m a wax-er! Many people my age usually shave, I don’t like to shave anymore really, only when necessary. My mum (what a woman) is a beauty therapist and has been for years! She waxes, paints nails, used to do wedding hair & make-up, tanning and massages. Now, she works two other jobs, so three in total. Due to her working three jobs, she only does waxing and nails for her usual clients; and moi. So thank you mother for waxing me! – plus it’s for free whoop whoop. I get the top and bottom of my legs waxed, on the back and front too; to get that extra smoothness.


Gel Nails – on natural nails


Lemme tell you about my nail journey. So basically, I used to have weak nails, they would break constantly even though I never really did anything too rough to them, such as acrylics, they wouldn’t suit me. I also work at a hairdressers helping out and I’ve done that for a year, so my nails would be weak from washing hair 24/7. So I decided to get gels, if you haven’t gotten gels before then I don’t know where you’ve been. Gels have honestly saved my nails. I get mine done with Gabriella – Instagram: nailsbygabriellax – she is amazing at nails, I definitely recommend her for either monthly gels or acrylics or anything, she’s great. My nails are SO STRONG now and are super long and they’re all natural! They’re £25 and are really worth it. I had my gels done around a month ago, but they’re still going strong and still look amaze.


Hair dye – going from brunette to golden 

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So from 11am until 4pm I was getting my hair dyed, it took longer because there were other clients who were having cuts in-between, which was perfectly fine with me. I’ve had my hair dyed 5 times in my life, and now this is the sixth (I think). I really enjoy having my hair dyed, I’ve always dyed it professionally because it’s better for your hair. I also prefer when someone else is styling my hair, purely because they know what they’re doing and are good at it! My boss is also my hairdresser, and she’s absolutely wonderful at dying & cutting hair. Naturally, i’m a brunette with blonde natural highlights (when the suns out). Today, I decided to go a golden blonde / brunette colour. I enjoy being brunette, it’s fun! But especially on holidays and in the summer months I like to go lighter. I will be doing vlogs about getting my hair dyed and about my beautiful holiday, but these will be up on YouTube when I get back in two weeks.

There are many steps to getting your hair a certain colour, and I don’t 100% know the steps, but today I had foils to make my hair lighter / blonde, then I also had a light brown dye to soften the blonde. A toner was put on to darken the white blonde colours and then I had it washed, dried, trimmed and straightened.

I love many hair colours! From pinks and peaches to blondes and brunettes, I love very dark hair and very light and colourful hair. The reason why I dye my hair is because I enjoy switching it up, I feel boring with my natural all the time, hence why I like to change it and show off my other personalities through my hair colour! I also grow my hair reallyyyyy long, and then cut it all off into a short bob, just because I can hahah. My hair grows super fast, so today I only had a trim. I might get it lighter after my holiday, depending on how light it naturally gets.

For my holiday I’ve bought some blue shampoo & conditioner, specifically for golden hair; meaning it will allow my hair to stand out whilst keeping the shine to the golden colour. The shampoo and conditioner act like toners and calm down any brassy colours that may show up, I never get that colour though so it’s all good! I’ll be using my products on my hair for holiday.


LVL Lashes


Excuse my wet messy hair hahah, i was waiting for it to dry. Anyhow, I’ve had LVL Lashes done three times now, and every time I love them even more. If you don’t know what LVL’s are then listen up: LVL Lashes are basically a perm on your eye lashes. You get them permed and tinted by a professional. I wouldn’t recommend doing them on your own, get them done professionally!!

You can get them permed differently, as in sizes. The most popular one is the medium, which I went for. You can go for small or large too. The small ones are for people with very small lashes, which curl them well! Then the large are for any kind of lashes, however thy don’t curl as well as the medium size.

I got my LVL’s done by my hairdresser / boss. My boss is a hairdresser, but in her spare time she does LVL’s for clients. She is a professional / is trained to do so. LVL’s cost around £35 and they last from 6 – 8 weeks, they’re really worth it. The treatment takes around an hour and you end up wanting to fall asleep, I nearly did hahah.


Teeth Whitener

You can get teeth whitener from anywhere and everywhere. I really love to whiten my teeth, purely for special occasions, such as holidays and birthdays / special events. Teeth whitener is better when professionally done, but I just get some from Boots or Superdrug and use it myself. I have white teeth anyways, but drinking so much tea does stain sometimes. So using this whitening set helps a bunch.

If anyone has any good recommendations for teeth whitener, hit me up! I’d love to try other products.


This has been my day, consisting of all of my beauty treatments, ready for my holiday! I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Any questions, feel free to message me on Instagram or comment down below. I’ll be on holiday for nearly two weeks, so i’ll try my best to blog on the normal blogging days. Keep a watch out on my YT Channel for more vlogs: Sophie Henderson


MORE EXCITING NEWS: Now a Brand Ambassador for –

In addition, i’m now a brand ambassador for an online fashion company called Missee, which i’m so happy about!!! I feel honoured that they contacted me to collaborate with them, so i’ll be posting photos on Instagram and on here of their garments. More information will be out when I receive it all. Have a look on their website:

If anyone else would like to collaborate with me, feel free to message me. I would love to get hands on experience collaborating with companies and learning about theirs.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo




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