Delicate Gold / Silver Jewellery: 7 pieces you’ll want to purchase or take inspiration from

Finding some absolute gems of jewellery pieces is a niche of mine. My dad created & owns a vintage watch and jewellery company which has helped me find what jewellery pieces I tend to like. By growing up with my dad having a love for older items, it’s meant that I’ve grown to love all things vintage, from jewellery to clothing. I’ll do a vintage jewellery finds post soon.

If you know me well, you’ll already know that I admire all of my jewellery, especially my rings. I have rings from: Tiffany&Co, Annoushka, and some vintage silver & gold pieces too that I’ve collected over the years. I have a very yellowish skin tone, meaning I do tan well. However, I also have skin that is quite acidic, meaning that my silver jewellery can wear so quickly and then split open, I know, weird right. So I clean my rings all of the time, to make sure the acid from my skin doesn’t wear onto my rings that much. Always clean your jewellery people, so they don’t break or get too worn!!

I look on vintage websites, in my dad’s shop and other places to find new pieces to add to my collection. Why? Because a collection can never be too full! I’ll forever search for the perfect pieces for me. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been looking to purchase some new jewellery; and I’ve found the perfect items this summer. Some items are more expensive than others, so I’ve tried to find a mixture of items that I would love to either purchase or take inspiration from.


Missoma, 18ct Gold, Mini Molten Pendant: £79.00

missoma(Image has been taken from website)

I absolutely love Missoma. For my 19th birthday, my sister bought me a gold coin necklace from this brand and the packaging, necklace and pendant was lovely. Missoma have beautiful collections. I would love to purchase more gold pieces soon, especially from Missoma. I love a coin necklace, but this one has caught my eye this summer. I think that wearing gold always brings out people’s warmer side, it is a warm tone and matches every outfit. Some people say you cant wear gold and silver together but I honestly wear gold & silver, just gold or just silver. I don’t think that you have to wear one or the other.


Steff jewellery, Wildwood / Bloomsbury Collection, Silver & Rose Gold plated bee pendant with chain: £70.00

bee pendant(Image has been taken from website)

When going to a special event the other month, I got generously given this STUNNING bee pendant from Steff’s jewellers Creative Director and designer, Julles London herself; which is amazing and i’m so thankful. I also got gifted the matching bee earrings, which i wear every single day. If you’d like to know more about Steff Jewellers I’ve already wrote a previous post about them and their event, so check them out. This pendant supports the bee’s and helps to prevent their population extinction. I’m hoping to meet Julles again and look at Steff’s jewellers soon in the near future, because their brand and jewellery is just wonderful. I feel honoured to wear this necklace. The bee pendant is Rose Gold plated and Silver; it matches really well with all colours, especially neutrals! I tend to wear this necklace with low cut shirts / tops.

Steff Wildwood Silver & Rose Gold Plated Bee Pendant with chain


Celine, Alphabet Mini Pendant ‘S’: £135.00

celine(Image has been taken from website)

I shall be hopefully purchasing this soon yayyyyy, when I have £££ lol. This babe of a piece would suit absolutely every single outfit. Again, gold jewellery suits neutral colours to a T. I would definitely wear it with neutrals, and also pinks. I love the fact it’s theme is bamboo and I love that effect / texture. I’ve seen an influencer wear this and it suited her SO MUCH that I hope it suits me too hahah. Texture means everything!!! Especially in jewellery pieces. No piece of jewellery that I’ve come across has had too much texture on it. The more texture, the better. I’d either purchase this ‘S’ or a ‘H’ (for Henderson).|GB


Dior, Lucky Locket Necklace: £640.00

dior(Image has been taken from website)

Okuuuuurrr, this is expensive, a bit too expensive lol. However, i’m being positive and saying maybe one day in my life I’ll be able to purchase this hahaha…maybe, OK. But I wanted to feature this piece on here because it is a one of a kind piece. I absolutely j’adore Dior.. if you know you know ;). But I honestly think that the design and length of this necklace is lovely. I’d be over the moon if I ever get to purchase this pendant in the future, when I earn a lot of £££ (hopefully). I like to save images of pieces I like, even though they’re super expensive, I just think its nice to say “I’m going to purchase this when I have the money” or “I shall save for this”, whether it’s a bag or a necklace. We all have items that we’d love to own, and this is mine.



Tiffany&Co, Mini Heart Tag earrings: £145.00

tiffany(Image has been taken from website)

I have these beautiful earrings!! They go with every style and sit really well on my ears. They’re comfy due to them being flat, never catch on anything and if you have other ear piercings like me, then they also suit them too. When out and about or at events, people always mention to me about my rings; but nearly ALWAYS when I wear these, I get compliments from family, friends and even people I don’t know haha! Its wonderful that people actually notice these, you’d think people wouldn’t recognise your jewellery but they do! I’d highly recommend purchasing these, or as a Christmas / birthday present. I will always love these.


ASOS, Weekday large Hoop earrings: £7.00

asos(Image has been taken from website)

Thick hoops are my favourite at the moment. I really love thicker pieces of jewellery, whether that’s earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings. I always wear my thick thumb ring at all times, because it’s super chunky and makes my thumbs look slimmer hahah. Anyhow, you can buy thick hoop earrings anywhere, I just thought id feature these because I love to shop for earrings in high street stores, such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters. But I especially like to shop for jewellery like this online. I look for thick hoops on asos and they have plenty! So i’d check out ASOS if you’re wanting thick hoops for A/W seasons. Thick gold hoops are IN TREND people, according to me anyways haha.



ChloBo Jewellery, Rose and Silver sparkle sun bracelet: £85.00

chlobo(Image has been taken from website)

This is the same bracelet design as the one i’d been kindly gifted by ChloBo themselves. However, mine was a limited edition piece, so it is not on their website. This is the closest I could find to my own one. Thank you again to ChloBo for inviting me to your wonderful jewellery event and for gifting me with my gorgeous bracelet, i’ll continue to love it! ChloBo are a British boho-luxe brand, with all of their jewellery being hand-made in the UK. I adore my silver bracelet because of the sun charm. The sun charm reflects my personality and as you all know…I LOVE THE SUN AND HOT WEATHER. I’ve previously written a post all about ChloBo and their lovely event, so give that a read and please have a look at their jewellery on Instagram / their website.


If you’re wanting to ask any questions about my jewellery or these pieces, feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram: soph.h

If you have any jewellery stores / brands that you love please comment on here and share your love for jewellery with me! I’d love to try out some new brands.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo





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