yay or nay on the latest trends

Good morning all! Hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far!

This Friday’s post is all about my opinion on the latest trends, whether they’re fabulous or friend-zoned. It is all my opinion, so please don’t take it to heart, if you love some trends then hallelujah hahah, but for me I personally may not agree. S/S/A/W trends change every single year, all year round. Something might take your fancy this year that you wouldn’t even look at next year. It’s all about finding your own niche in clothes and seeing what suits you and your personality best. My Yay and Nay’s might not be the same as yours and that’s completely fine. Enjoy the read and dress however you want to dress this summer, you’ll all look wonderful i’m sure.

So onto the blog …


Yay: neutral colours

Not my own images.

I’m all here for neutral colours this summer. I’ve always loved plain colours, don’t get me wrong I enjoy all colours (not neon green though), but natural and neutral tones just warm my heart. I’m enjoying all the neutral trends at the moment. Zara (in store and out of store) is very good with their neutrals, from dresses to bags. I particularly think Zara is good at neutral colours because their designs and inspiration comes from mainly Central/Western Europe and other warmer countries such as Spain. I love neutrals because they suit all skin tones and you can dress up and dress down with those tones. Good for all occasions.


Nay: cycling shorts

cycling shortsNot my own image.

I know so many people have these cycling shorts and yes they have their pro’s, the fact they tuck everything in and also accentuate your figures, they’re good for that. But my opinion, i’m NOT a fan whatsoever. I just don’t get the hype about them. I don’t particularly wear legging’s unless it’s for the gym, so I just look at them and think you should wear them at the gym. I believe they’re a trend that’ll go out of fashion VERY quickly, so I don’t want to waste my money on them when I think they won’t be around in the fashion world for very long. In addition, if you’re going out and about in them in everyday life then yeah i’m sure they’re super comfy and cool to wear!! But i’m definitely NOT a fan of people wearing them on a night out or to a nice occasion. Again people, only my opinion haha! This girl in the image looks wonderful in them, the shorts just aren’t my thing.


Yay: woven bags

Left: not my own image.

I bought my first woven bag the other day from Zara, they do wonderful woven bags!! I’m a fan of these bags because they are the loveliest accessory to have in your summer wardrobe. You can wear whatever with them and they’ll still look nice. I wouldn’t spend silly £££ on them, i’d go up to £20.00 (which I did) because it’s only woven material. But they are just so nice to carry around in summer and the hot weather. I can’t fit much into my small one hahah, but you can get any size! I’d suggest having a small one to carry around with you to special occasions or for special days out, and then a bigger woven bag for the beach or day trips so you can carry more in them.


More Yay than Nay: leopard print

Not my own images.

So, bit controversial. I am a fan of leopard print, HOWEVER, for me during summer only in small doses. I love a headband, maybe a bikini top or something. But for me, right now, I wouldn’t wear full leopard print, such as a co- ord or long skirt, I think it’s too much for one pattern during summer. It’s not just leopard print, any pattern can possibly be “too much” for a certain garment or outfit. But right now, leopard print is a trend but i’m half on the bandwagon and half off. Some people can fully pull off leopard print to a T, but I wouldn’t say it’s a pattern which the world can pull off. This particular print always comes and goes in fashion and has done for years, I remember when it was a definite NO, but now magically it’s back in stores in all forms, from bikinis to dresses. I would 100% purchase a leopard print coat in winter, but that’s the only big leopard print I would wear in the cold months. I wouldn’t wear a co-ord or a long skirt WHAT SO EVER in this pattern (shown in the left image), but I would wear a fluffy coat. My mind boggles me sometimes hahah, I think the pattern suits particular garments wayyyy better than others. So it’s a good Yay, but partially a Nay too. The women both look wonderful, the left one just isn’t my style.


More Nay than Yay: under-boob tops

I think under boob bralettes or tops suit many many many girls. On the other hand, it’s not something I would particularly wear. I don’t really enhance my figure much, especially my chest, purely because there’s not much to enhance or show off hahah, itty bitty titty committee over here. Even though I see the positives in them, such as you’ll get a better tan area, you allow the under-boob area to cool down and get air and then it does look nice. It just doesn’t swing my way. In addition, I really like them when they’re cute colours. I also think you either have to wear them subtly or you have to go all out. No half hearted stuff! Either wear a bright pink polkadot one or a plain nude one. No in-between stuff. Again, for me it’s a yay and nay, not 100% loving them and I wouldn’t ever wear one, but they do suit many girls and if you all wanna wear them then DO IT, girl power !!


Nay: hair clips

So this is a weird one, i’m accepting of hair clips because we all need to get our hair back off our faces, especially in this hot weather. But this trend of really colourful big hair gribs and LOTS OF THEM, isn’t grasping my love. I love hair accessories, but for me certain clips aren’t winning my affection. Maybe in another year or season, but not right now. I think some types of clips and headbands can truly make you look way younger than you are, so whether you’re wanting to look your age, younger or older then choose the correct type of clip!


Yay: slit dresses & skirts

red long skirt

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen myself in my red floral maxi skirt which has a slit in it, from Urban Outfitters. It’s my favourite skirt !! Truly love it, so airy, flowy and comfy. Slit dresses and skirts have been in trend for a lil while now, but it’s always new additions in stores during summer, with their many colours and shapes. I prefer a flowy skirt rather than a tube skirt. Flowy skirts which have a slit down the side let you cool down whilst still look an absolute 10/10. If you’re heading on holiday soon i’d suggest purchasing a flowy, colourful maxi skirt with a slit. Slit dresses also look very pretty.


Nay: One sleeve tops

off the shoulderNot my own image.

This is a trend for summer that i’m REALLY not a fan of. I think i’m not a fan of all that I’ve listed above purely because they wouldn’t suit me and I wouldn’t tend to go for them styles. I haven’t yet seen a nice one shoulder top, yeah I know. They just don’t catch my eye, or if they do it’s in a negative way. I’m sure loads of people like them and suit them! Just they’re not for me this summer. I like off the shoulder tops, bandeau tops, long sleeved, short sleeved, big sleeves, but i’m not liking one shoulder / one arm. I feel like their isn’t a good weather to wear them in, during summer you’d get too hot on one half of your body and the other is cooler?! Just not my style at the mo. The woman looks lovely in this image, girl power. I’m just not a fan of the top.


Yay: Blouses

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Third picture is not my own.

As you all know, I shall wear blouses and shirts for life. All year round, S/S/A/W. During summer, it can be too hot at times to wear a blouse or a shirt, but matching these with a skirt or flared trousers and it’s is a LOOK. I’m all for a blouse / shirts, casually and formally worn. I believe you can definitely find the perfect shirt or blouse that suits you. I tend to go for vintage blouses, apart from a Zara one I’ve recently purchased. I believe this trend will be around forever, it’s for everyone and suits the majority of people’s styles. S/S/A/W, you’ll be seeing me in a shirt or a blouse.


Thank you for reading. All of this was my opinion, so if you have an item which I’ve mentioned that I don’t particularly like, please don’t feel offended! I’m sure you all wear them wonderfully.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo




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