My Favourite Instagram Profiles

Another day, another post! I am feeling so positive this week and i’m ready for my holiday!! Just two weeks away now, you’ll be seeing many holiday photographs i’m sure.

Social media is very two sided. Some people absolutely love it and others think it’s horrible. I completely get both sides, I sometimes feel the same way. I dislike social media because people are so negative and cruel to others on it due to the way people look and they comment freely about their opinions, which are invalid to be honest with you. They’re keyboard warriors, leave them to be cruel, they’re trash.

However, on the positive side, social media can bring people together! I’ve made a few really good friends on Instagram and twitter, and i’m so happy I’ve met them in person! I’m meeting my friend tomorrow actually again which i’m so looking forward to!! Social media is also a big influence of mine, especially Instagram. I constantly see photographs that i’d love to take myself or have someone take one’s of me which are similar to theirs, it’s all just fun and games really! Taking photo’s means keeping the memories and i’m a huge memory keeper.

Anyhow, onto the blog …

I’ve decided to talk about my favourite Instagram profiles that influence me and that I absolutely love! There are so so so many profiles that i’m in awe of, but I had to include the ones which come to my mind to see what their pages look like and that I truly think are beautiful. You’ll all agree with me that ALL of these people tagged are stunning.

Instagram Profile: matildadjerf

IMG_4761Okurrrrrr, this girl is fire. She is probably the girl that I look at the most on Instagram. She is so natural and I love her style. I actually found her profile through Pinterest, and from then on I’ve always been interested in her images and the clothes she wears. She finds great vintage pieces which as you all know is a thing I LOVE. Vintage all the way! Go check out her profile, she also does cute videos on her stories and live chats; so you can ask her questions. She’s Swedish and is just all over cool. My top inspiration!

Instagram Profile: maddyseamark

37076683_1584456241680745_4487448149450817536_nThis girly is too cool for Instagram I swear. We chat sometimes and she’s the friendliest person! BEAUTIFULLLL girl with great images. Her photo’s all fit together perfectly with the theme. Having a good theme is key for a great Instagram. I swear she pulls off every piece of clothing and every style too. If you’re ever in need of photo ideas take a look at Maddy’s page. I really like the colours she uses in her images. A top gal !! She pulls off great sunset images, along with bikini pics. Maddy actually inspired me to purchase a bikini she has, and it’s SO CUTE. Thanks again girl!


Instagram Profile: akiralopezg

IMG_4764I don’t know anyone else who could have clearer skin than this girl. I’m sure her skin was made by the heavens, and her face too. Amaze hairrrr! Her photo’s are very real, and by that I mean normal! But the normal element stands out to a T. From images of the sky to sitting on the ground, she looks wonderful and a true model in the making! If you’re looking for coat inspiration check out her profile, she has the best coats and jumpers! I’d kill for hair like hers, curls central!


Instagram Profile: lilyesimpson


Blonde Bombshell oh myyyy! A true beauty! I don’t know anyone else who takes better black & white photos, I cant do it at all, just doesn’t look good on me hahah! But her images can be super colourful too. This profile inspires me by thinking about how I actually position myself in photos. I’m not very good at posing for images, so I always check out lily’s images to see how I could possibly pose in future photos! Her captions are always good as well. Her clothes always sit perfectly on her too! Check out her profile.


Instagram Profile: josefinehjIMG_4762Can I just be blonde and tanned please??? She wears her jewellery SO WELL, suits gold and silver combined. I’d love to have her figure. Anyhow, her profile catches my eye because it’s very neutral and natural tones. The best person who wears black clothing, pulls it off huge amounts!! I take inspiration from her jewellery and from her environment images. I love to take images of the sky, scenery or flowers really, and looking at her profile helps me out! Looking for a cute black outfit? Look at josefinehj’s profile.


Instagram Profile: sammyosbornee37061181_1584630078330028_4614601240364449792_nA goddess I swear. Sammy takes the BEST summer holiday pictures. The lighting is always perfect and she just looks like a model all the time, unfair! I take inspiration from this profile because it is super colourful and vibrant. The ratio of blue and other colours is just on point. I don’t have one single favourite image of hers because they’re ALL my favourite haha. I need her personal photographer to take bomb pictures like hers of me pls hahah. Her fashion is lovely too and she’s super kind. So drop her a follow / have a look at her page for photo inspiration.


Instagram Profile: angelmaginnis

37071402_1584456215014081_4719668325246828544_nPINK PINK PINK !!! What a wonderful theme to have, and she’s the only person that can pull it off. Such edgy yet pretty pink clothes, a true star. Her editing skills, such as blurring images always interests me and makes me try blur some of mine! HAVE A LOOK AT HER NAILS PEOPLE, and her hair and face, just lush! I love this profile because of how pink and pretty it is, she could take an image of a pillow and make it pink and awesome I swear. If you’re wanting to have a colourful feed like hers then id suggest taking some advice and inspo from this girly. Style and feed is perfect. Pretty in Pink! She is a real life fairy!


Instagram Profile: ellashakespeare

37085281_1584456225014080_6221887403934613504_nNo one else can pose as beautiful as her with flowers. I’d end up having a bee or something on the petal and it sting me or something hahah, my luck aye. But her profile is lovely! I’m meeting her tomorrow again and i’m super excited to see her beautiful face. Gonna be lunchin’ woop! Anyhow, her face and hair are AMAZE. Again, no one else can pull off this hair and fringe like she can. Her relationship is so cute and they both have amazing style, a MAJOR COUPLE! Her boyfriend takes pictures of her and they’re all so pretty, (jonny this is a hint to take cute pics of me if you’re reading this hahah). Ella’s street style inspires me, from stripes to black and white to colourful clothes, they’re all wonderful. She could wear a bin bag and it would look great. Follow and check out her Instagram.


Instagram Profile: klochella

37038879_1584456191680750_2112195427896918016_nI’m loving her @ name. It’s pretty cool not gonna lie! I love this profile because she takes really edgy images. She inspires me by being herself in her photographs and being real! I love a sunkissed look in a photo and she nearly always does the glowy look using the golden hour, and we all know how important the golden hour is. I tend to look at her profile to see what clothes she wears and the brands she purchases from. I like to know other clothing companies on Instagram so her profile helps me see what clothes are genuinely nice and fit well. A lovely company is Tiger Mist, which I found looking through her feed, so check that out!


Instagram Profile: tezzamb

37112067_1584456161680753_8275424350346149888_nCan I please have that red truck?? I take inspo from this profile because she is a stylist and that’s what I would potentially love to be!! The way she layers her clothes i’m all here for. Her skirts and dresses are angelic and she is a style god. Again, if anyone wants to take awesome photos with me just drop me a message, i’m ready for photos haha. Recently, this profile has been using some red elements in her pictures and I like the colour red in peoples feed. It makes the images different and colourful!


Hope you’ll take inspiration from some of these profiles.

Follow me on Instagram: soph.h

I love so so so many profiles but I just couldn’t squeeze them all onto this blog. I’ll be doing another Instagram profile favourites in a few months to see if any have caught my eye.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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