10 tips on getting the perfect holiday photograph

Hello lovely people, you’re probably thinking “today isn’t Friday, why is she posting?” Well, to treat you all I’ve decided to post twice a week. I enjoy writing too much to only do it once a week, and i’m excited about the growth of my blog. Thank you all for reading! I’m going on holiday at the end of this month and i’m so excited. Spending time with my boyfriend and his family will be lovely! Also getting them sunny selfies will be fun whoop!

So, are you wanting that perfect holiday picture? Are you always out and about, then you forget to capture the moment? Well, we’ve all been there.

When being on holiday, I always seem to miss the opportunity, it’s either the lighting is too bright or the sun cream has covered my phone / camera and it just doesn’t go to plan. Well, i’m here to tell you some of my top tips of getting that perfect sunset picture or a lovely selfie.

  1. Make sure you TAKE your time. Some people want to take loads of photographs and take them too quickly, then when you look back at the gallery on your phone they’re all blurred. Take your time, you then can use the focus on your phone or camera. I like to use the focus on my phone, because you can then blur the background and it makes a nice photo.
  2. CLEAN your camera lens. We’ve all been there when you’ve just lapped on a load of sun cream on your arms and legs, you then go on your phone to take a cute poolside image and the cream on your hands has made smudges ALL OVER your phone. You’re left with a creamy phone, ew. A top tip for me is to wash your hands . dry your hands after putting on sun cream, then getting that pool image will work much more smoothly.
  3. LIGHTING for environments! Especially on holiday, the lighting can be all over the place. You’re used to the lighting at home, when it’s mostly dull in the day but you get that fresh morning lighting in England and you just know when to take the perfect selfie. But, the drama on holiday of the sunshine sometimes being too bright for a photograph. Too bright you say? Yes, too bright. Especially when on holiday you need the correct lighting, especially for selfies. This top tip sounds so strange but hang in with me on this. Top tip number 3: if wanting to take images of the sunset or a bright area, take the images in the shade. Have your phone actually under shade, but point out towards the bright area; your phone is then not in direct sunlight and you still get the brightness of the sun. Having shade in photographs is KEY.IMG_4669
  4. LIGHTING for selfies! For selfies it’s slightly different. I usually take my selfies in the ‘golden hour’, depending on if it’s even sunny in England, which is rare. However, we’re in a heat wave at the moment, so selfies are here and are staying. I like to take my selfies usually in direct sunlight, so the sun is beaming on my face. The golden hour is the time just after sunrise or before sunset. (I’m not up before sunrise haha, so i’m talking about sunset). This hour, the sun seems to shine a reddish colour, which against skin shows a lovely golden beam. This beam is important to get a great image. The golden hour is my favourite hour for photographs. Whack on some moisturiser, shine your face / body into the sunlight and you will have a clear shiny-gold tinge to your image, in other words, the perfect image.
  5. BLUE and bright! In the sun, you’re going to nearly always have clear blue skies. This is great if you’re wanting a colourful image. The blue skies act as a background, whether you’re main subject is you, your dog, a flower, some food or anything, your image will come out pretty just because of the blue sky. I believe having a blue sky as a background makes the photo clear and colourful without even trying. My favourite colour is blue, so it helps that I even like the colour. If you don’t, then a bright colour for a background is fine! A green? A pink? or a Yellow? Whatever colours you’re feeling on holiday, the sun and the colour will bounce off each other and act as a lovely backing colour.Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
  6. CANDID IMAGES can be the best images. Don’t always try too hard. If you’re liking how your hair is laying on holiday or the beach  is quiet and you’re wanting to take a picture, just relax and take a few. Even if the moment isn’t fully perfect, sometimes the best images are by accident. Sometimes your hair may look messy for a selfie, or your sibling is in the background of an image you’re taking; images can look wonderful just by accident. Candid images can be the BEST images.IMG_2816
  7. RELAX. If you’re maybe not the one taking the image and someone is taking a picture of you, don’t be so rigid. Relax those shoulders, don’t point your feet, let those arms chill out. Again, sometimes relaxed images are the nicer ones. I like phots of people when they’re just looking at the ground or at the camera or whatever, but they’re completely relaxed. You can always tell in an image if the person looks a bit awkward or if they’re not comfortable. You should all love yourselves and be free on holidays. Smile!! Don’t feel the need to look like everyone else on holiday, just relax and remember memories through imagery.
  8. SMILE!!! Smiling is always lovely to see in images. I tend not to smile a lot, purely because I don’t particularly like my smile, but on holidays I always end up smiling in pictures because i’m completely enjoying myself. When looking back at the photo’s and I see myself smiling, it makes the image 10X better because it just looks like a happy environment! Even if you’re not a lover of your teeth like me, try to show yourself smiling, and then you’ll notice how a smiley image like that can make others smile too. Be a fool on holiday too, don’t be so serious in photo’s. You’ll regret not showing how much fun you’re having in the photographs when looking back.
  9. SCENERY can be key. When taking the perfect image, you don’t want your pants in the background of your selfie or some kid wearing crocs walking about the pool in the background. Take a look at your surroundings and see where the best image could be taken. Also, some people might not want to be in your image, so make sure you’re not ending up as a paparazzi, because someone may not like it. The scenery can be beautiful! Having people in the background can be lovely don’t get me wrong, but make sure they look a bit nice too, because I wouldn’t want to come across an image of me on social media showing everyone me shoving sun cream on my chest. Just be aware of your surroundings!IMG_6720
  10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, angles! The angle of your photograph can mean an absolute worldie of an image is about to be taken, or an awful / awkward sideways one is shown. When taking beach or holiday images of my environment, I like to take the image half way down whatever I’m looking at. Example, I’m taking an image of my strawberry and banana smoothie, I’m holding the glass in my hand, but I don’t want it too high or too low. I need a good space to have the background in for. I’ll include an example at the bottom of this to show you what I mean. But angles are important, even in selfies. I try to take full face images of myself now, because I feel that it looks better having your whole face in a photo. But you could have a nice side profile one or a central one. Whatever you’re feeling! Just remember, angles are important too, even on holiday.IMG_4670  I hope to see your fantastic holiday photographs on Instagram / Social Media. Let me know if any of my top 10 tips worked for you!

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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