Why walking on a Catwalk is harder than it looks

Hey to my fellow readers! Hope your Friday will be filled with fun events and great opportunities, if not just watch Netflix the whole day like I do.

Recently, probably over the past two months, I have been working with a lovely girly called Chloe Pack. Chloe has been a student at a nearby college doing make-up artistry and she needed a model for some of her work. I have literally never modelled before. I’ve modelled for a small sunglass brand before when they were taking off, but since then I don’t particularly model, I just pose in selfies and the usual stuff hahah.

Chloe’s asked me to come in and be a model on various occasions now and it’s always been so much fun. The detail and art work that make-up can involve is so amazing! Chloe is truly talented. I respect makeup artists because people always assume that its just ‘slapping on’ a bit of makeup, when in reality its so intricately placed on peoples faces and it can make you feel like an 11/10 instantly! The makeup Chloe has been doing on me has taken hours with lots of concentrating and hard work…and lots of makeup of course.

Previously, (with Chloe) I’ve been a model for ‘Prom gone wrong’, which entailed me to be covered in blood and prosthetics. The prosthetics showed me being sliced up, so I guess prom did go wrong.

I’ve also been a pixie, which was really fun! Prosthetics were used again but it was for my ears this time, to make them pointy.

Anyways, lets get onto the CATWALK !!!

So, for a while as most people who read my posts know I am not confident at all, I struggle with confidence and the littlest things can cause me to spiral. However, saying that, when Chloe asked me to walk the catwalk for her I genuinely thought I would die. It’s a feeling inside that makes your stomach cramp and puts a lump in your throat when talking. But I honestly knew that if I said no I would instantly regret it, because its such a great experience and Chloe does fab makeup. So that being said, I said yes of course.

I knew I had to over come my confidence issues and I knew this would be a huge step into doing that. Its a massive step to be fair hahah, I really didn’t think I had the guts. But I honestly could do it over and over again, it was fantastic. I actually like walking on catwalks and modelling for photos, it makes me feel special and noticed which is also pretty cool, for me anyways.

But even though it is really fun, it’s hard work. You don’t realise it but when you’re walking, you’re concentrating on numerous things going on around you. Your surroundings become more obvious and the littlest things can put you off walking. For instance, when practising my walk the day before in MK, there were people watching, they were talking, taking photos, videos, clapping, there were lights, music, all sorts!!! I had someone in the audience go ‘wooooohoo’ and it made me feel like ‘yaaas!! go me’ ahhah!

You’re mainly focussing on your walk too, and your posture and face. I can admit, i’m not the best walker, but considering it was my first catwalk I did an alright job! I didn’t fall off the runway so that was a bonus! You’re simultaneously focussing on numerous surroundings and what you’re actually doing. You’re thinking beforehand “is my face ok? will my walk be good? walk in a straight line. Remember to do a bad ass pose”, and so many more thoughts hahah. I actually had to do three different poses on the same walk, due to the stage being square we had to walk around it, so at most corners we had to pose. I did a slight spin, showing off my angel / goddess wings on my back, was a pretty good pose not going to lie, I was impressed with myself for thinking of that in the few seconds beforehand. I’m not quite sure what my face looked like, but I attempted to do a somewhat smile at the end, just to treat the audience.

For the catwalk, I was a Goddess of Nature, with vines going up my arms and legs, wearing some cute wings with flowers and butterflies going through my hair. Having gold spray in my hair was pretty cool, it looked kinda blonde, so maybe i’d suit being a blonde who knows. But the gold flakes were a serious touch of sass to the makeup. I felt like a magical fairy, mixed with a golden Easter egg hahah. It was seriously cute and cool though, a definite look for the catwalk. Congrats to Chloe for designing and making this makeup look.

My makeup, hair and clothes were all Chloe’s, She is the true goddess here for making all this possible and for creating this bomb ass LOOK!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can tell I had an amazing time, spending the day with Chloe, sharing a pizza and watching Pretty Little Liars (for the hundredth time for me because I love it) was a major highlight of the day. I swear getting ready for an event or getting ready to go out out is more fun that actually going out? I’m sure all you girlies agree with me hahah!

But this event is one I won’t forget, my first catwalk!!! Also my first time modelling, I would love to be a model, possibly for the petite section. Shout out to all the shorties out here!!

I also had some people I didn’t know who were walking by ask for me to walk for them and do a mini catwalk for a video they wanted of the event, so I said yes! That was exciting. But, walking on a catwalk is harder than it looks. You don’t realise it but you’re concentrating on numerous things going on around you, plus your actual walk and to make sure you don’t look moody and that your arms aren’t flinging about like an ape hahah!

Some tips and tricks from my one experience for anyone wanting to walk a catwalk or anything, I’d say just try to not focus on all of the cameras or people, because it can be really distracting. Also don’t try too hard on your walk, be natural with it, you don’t want to end up looking like a robot. Keep your arms relatively close to your sides so they’re not having a walk of their own. Last but not least, have an amazing time, and show how much fun you’re having in your facial expression!!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my post about my Catwalk experience, I hope there will be more in the future, fingers crossed.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo



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