Invitation to the SkinnyDip brand focus group & London Thrifting

Well I have had one heck of a fun week! Since last Friday I’ve done a few fun things that I’ve been so excited to write about. From being in a super cool brands focus group to mooching around Camden Market searching for all things vintage.

Last Saturday me and my sister went to London for the day to have a look around Camden. Not sure if ive mentioned before or not, but one of my favourite places to shop in London is Camden Market. I am obsessed with vintage clothing and second hand gems that I see out and about. Thrifting is a thing I am quite talented at hahah, in any shop I enter I can search for hidden treasures (clothes of course not real treasure…I wish), and I can almost find some wonderful stuff instantly. I take my time to thrift through racks of clothes, but at the end there will nearly always be one hidden diamond that I get to purchase and call mine.

So Saturday I bought a beautiful sterling silver necklace from a man on a stall who made your name into jewellery, from bars to bracelets to necklaces, he is the man to go to if you’re looking for your name as a jewellery item.


The silver necklace suits everything I wear, It wont leave marks on my skin because it’s real silver and also I feel like Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana with the name on my necklace hahaha. Priorities!

During the day we visited Urban Outfitters, which is one of my favourite high street brands. The UO stores are mostly in cities, which is why I have to travel to one if I really want to see the store and the clothes in person. I prefer to shop in store than online, purely because you don’t know what the material or fit of the garment is truly like. So going into the stores allows you to try it on and then see whether you’d even wear the clothing. Looking around UO, I saw this beautiful long red flowy skirt, which I fell in love with. Pairing it with a white top and it looks amaze.


The pattern on the skirt is to die for !!! I absolutely love wearing it! I enjoy shopping at Urban Outfitters because you can choose from so many different kinds of styles and patterns. You could walk in there and want an oversized jumper with a dinosaur on and then end up getting a flowy pink summery dress with sparkles on, you just never know!

On Monday I went back to London but with a friend this time, Charlotte Price, who is a blogger/vlogger who I’ve known for a little while online. We met up to go to the ChloBo Jewellery event and then we decided to go to London together on Monday for another small event.

Last week I saw that SkinnyDip in London were asking people to message them on Instagram. So me being me, of course I messaged…eager beaver. I messaged them just asking what the Instagram story was about and they then invited me to join them at their small focus group in their office in London. I was over the moon! So I asked Charlotte to go with me and she got invited too.


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The focus group had around 10 other girls our age in there, and we all sat together and had a lovely chat about all things SkinnyDip…and Love Island.

We were introduced by designers and social media staff of the SkinnyDip brand. We were invited to say our opinions on their brand and products. If you don’t know about the SkinnyDip brand then I don’t know where you’ve been hahah, they’re a colourful, vibrant and edgy brand which have a twist on fashion and accessories. They’re aimed for women/teens, however we (the focus group) mentioned that they should include men/guys pieces or gender neutral clothing, so boys/teens/men can wear some pieces too! Pink isn’t just for girls people and blue isn’t just for boys!!!

The focus group was about saying our opinions on their winter collection which is coming out the end of this year, which i’m so excited for! The colours and patterns and materials are flawless, so when they arrive get yours quickly! They showed us their inspiration behind the clothing and designs and they showed us the pieces themselves. The office is insanely cool too, they have a gold sequin wall…how amazing !!! I mentioned that they should have more pastel yellows and possibly skin colours / tones so we could all wear them on days we’re not wanting to stand out as such.

We ended the day by them buying us all some lovely pub pizza, drinking some juice and sharing our thoughts on the best summer show, Love Island. I’m half joking, the show can be so stupid haha but then I’m addicted to watching it so I do enjoy it.

SkinnyDip also gave us a gift bag filled with products from their brand and a £20 gift card. I’m honestly in heaven, I love the brand and i’m so thankful for them inviting me and gifting me with such lovely items. THANK YOU! The staff / designers / social media girls were so kind and wonderful!


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Here is a few images put together showing the course of the two days I spent in London.

When visiting London for the SkinnyDip focus group, me and Charlotte spent the whole day in Camden. The town is beautiful, filled with colourful streets and artistic people. In on word, I would say Camden is : Talented. This is where you find some truly talented and creative people.

As we were exploring Camden Market, we discovered some wonderful foods and beverages. The market is full of every kind of food possible, the cultures of the world are seen in Camden Market and I love hearing, eating, drinking, talking and buying from cultures worldwide. The people on the market stalls all speak to one another and work with each other, it’s a huge community that care for one another. My dad used to work on markets across England and I fully love and know what the market culture is like first hand. It’s an amazing experience to work on a market stall and its extremely hard work. I support all those who work on a stall day in, day out. Early mornings and late evenings.


This corner stall is located as soon as you enter the market. The stall was surrounded by fresh oranges and you could buy sweet orange juice in milk bottle cartons, which I loved the idea of. Reusing plastic!! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The oranges were sooo sweet, fresh and amazing to drink. A small carton was £1 and the one I had (larger one), was £2.50 and it was so worth it! A wonderful beverage to have as you wonder around the market. Go check out the stall when you’re next in Camden / London. The sun was shining, and the weather was so hot!! I enjoy hot weather, i’m a sun baby I swear. Tanning whilst drinking some fab juice…I was living the life.

Towards the end of the day, we decided to have a look in the Stables vintage shops, have a look at them when you’re next in Camden because they do the best vintage items! I wasn’t meant to be purchasing anything that day really, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw some vintage Levi’s denim shorts.


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Shown above is the location of the vintage store and the shorts I bought.

The denim shorts were frayed / distressed edges which I’m liking at the moment in fashion. The colour of the denim is darker than most denims and it would go with any oversized jumper/top. I’m all for oversized jumpers and denim shorts together! These are now my new favourite shorts because they are actually slightly longer in length as you can see in the images. The jeans were cut previously into these shorts and the cut allows more of the material to cover the top of your inner thighs nicely. As i’ve said before I’m not a huge fan of my legs, but these shorts make them look nicer! I’d 100% purchase some of these again from this vintage store.

This is what I had been kindly gifted by SkinnyDip in their gift bag for me, thought i’d show you all:


  1. Enamel Pin: Vodka (who doesn’t love the stuff)
  2. A Toucan bird key-ring (which is SUPER CUTE and is going on my car keys)
  3. Matte/metallic lipstick in the shade red (it has a golden shimmer to it, which makes your lips pop)
  4. Sea Salt bath bomb (it’s a flower cupcake shape, who wouldn’t love that – cupcakes and flowers awww)

That’s the last of my London trips so far. I’m looking to try and go weekly perhaps to get myself used to visiting London and finding more wonderful clothes.

IMG_2043Last Friday, my mother (bless her) wanted some flowers for our kitchen. We are a very floral family, we constantly have flowers in the house. Anyhow, she wanted specifically some flowers from a lovely lady in the village, our long-time family friend Sally Christie. Sally has been a family friend since I can remember! She also lives in the same village as me. Last Friday, Sally put out some gorgeous flowers she has been growing in her garden and decided to sell them outside her house for everyone to purchase!

These are the flowers we bought, they’re beautiful! If you’re looking to purchase some flowers from Sally then have a look at her stall. It’s every Friday and it is located right through Yardley Hastings, and it’s on the end of the village (in the direction towards Castle Ashby). You will see her stall very clearly because there’s a sign and also you will see a huge bunch of colourful flowers!!! NN71EL : (if you can’t find it). It’s open and ready today! So go and check it out. Thank you Sally for the wonderful flowers xx


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Couldn’t stop taking pictures!! London is filled with vibrant colours and art work on the streets. Plus the walls make for good backgrounds.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the read, all about the SkinnyDip focus group and my days in London.

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Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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