Steff’s Jewellers & The ChloBo Event

Oh wow! I’ve had one truly amazing week. I’ve never felt so lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend such a wonderful event. Thank you to ChloBo Jewellery and Steff’s Jewellers for inviting me and being so kind! Thank you to Steffan’s Jewellers Northampton for hosting the best event ever!

So, let me get into the action…

On Saturday the 2nd of June (last weekend), I attended an event for a special jewellery company, ChloBo jewellery. They invited me around three weeks ago and sent me a beautiful box with my invitation, including a silver bracelet to wear to their event. I was thrilled, and still am! The event was for the ChloBo jewellery to show their newest pieces for S/S and to celebrate the company too! I got given a limited edition bracelet which I am so thankful for.

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But before the event started, I planned on meeting another blogger from the area as because she was invited to the event too! @scarletslipperblog / @charlottepriceee are her Instagram pages, ones her personal and the other is for her blog. Go check them out! She is a vlogger (video blogger if you’re not down with the lingo) and her youtube channel is Charlotte Emily.

So I met Charlotte before hand and it was lovely to meet her! We’ve known of each other for a while but we’ve never met up, until now yay!! She is so pretty inside and out. Incredibly kind person! We had a drink in The Magic Bean Emporium; I had a vanilla milkshake, yum yum yum. The coffee shop is actually due to close down apparently, but its such a cute café so it’s upsetting. It’s all Harry Potter themed inside, really interesting and different, so get yourselves down there before it shuts down!

Anyhow, after being refreshed and woken up by the sugary drink we took a stroll to the ChloBo event.

Held in Steffan’s Jewellers Northampton, the place echoed with beautiful jewellery and canapes. Nibbles are very important, keeps me going haha! These are the bracelets that ChloBo jewellery gifted me and Charlotte, matching!!

There were pretty pink balloons in the corner which added a touch to the style of the store. The event was beautiful! Never felt luckier!!

I had quite a few brownies not going to lie, they were just sitting there so how couldn’t I? They were very ‘fluffy’ in texture if you know what I mean…just perfection!

We were asked if we wanted an alcoholic beverage, and again I couldn’t say no, they looked amazing! I had a Strawberry daiquiri which was heavenly. I’m more of a jagerbomb girl but a daiquiri is a nice change hahaha!

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My outfit Information – Top: Zara, Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Coach, Boots: Next, Belt: M&S

During the event, me and Charlotte were having a mooch when the loveliest lady came across and spoke to us, introducing herself. Julles London, creative director of Steff’s Jewellery came across and had a chat. Julles explained her jewellery company and showed us how beautiful her pieces were. We had a wonderful chat and she then mentioned that she was gifting us some pieces of her collection, which me and Charlotte were so touched by and extremely thankful for. Completely over the moon!

Julles was styling me in these images, and I was so excited to even just be styled by her! Having a look through her collection, I picked out a beautiful bee necklace. A silver and rose gold plated bee pendant with a lovely silver chain, it caught my eye of course.

Trying on different lengths and all sorts, I came to find the length that suited me the best. The Steff jewellery brand was created by Steffan (owner of Steffans jewellers), and the brand is unique, angelic and stylish. I have worn my necklace everyday since I was gifted it and I love it more every day!

Speaking to Julles, we exchanged details, such as facebook and Instagram. Julles then mentioned that we are being sent matching earrings to go with our jewellery pieces, at this point I was so surprised, even more than I originally was, like how amazing is that!! I still feel honoured to have been gifted such stylish and sentimental jewellery. The bee necklace is actually linked to a bee campaign, ‘Let It Bee’, and a portion of the proceeds go to the British Bee Keepers Association. Species of Bee’s are now on the endangered species list, which is awful and we HAVE to do something about it, for the bees, for our wildlife, for our planet and us. So by wearing a necklace, you can support the bee’s too and help us save them! They need us to help them, and we need them more than they need us.

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Here is a slideshow of me wearing the Wildwood bee pendant. Have a look on Steff’s jewellery pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Steff’s Jewellery Instagram: steffjewellery

Steff’s Jewellery Facebook: @SteffJewellery

At this point I was in a state of happiness and overwhelmed by the kindness of Julles London, Steff’s jewellery, Steffan’s Jewellers and The ChloBo team. Again, i’m very thankful! Steff’s jewellery also re-posted my selfie on Instagram, which was pretty cool and i’m still fan girling right now eeee!

During the event, we were waiting to meet Chloe Moss (creative director of ChloBo jewellery), and we finally got to meet her, yay! We spoke to Chloe and her mother who attended the event with her, and they’re both honestly so so lovely and friendly! Chloe explained what the event was about, going into depth about her most recent collection, the Cherabella collection, and how she got to where she is today. Travelling the world, exploring new ideas and areas of the globe, she decided jewellery was her following and she took it further, into what the company is today, a stylish and cultural company with a passion for all things glamour. ChloBo jewellery has become a very known jewellery brand with a following of 24.5K on Instagram. The boho-luxe jewellery brand is all handmade in the UK and is a brand that will continue to relate to their customers. A wonderful jewellery brand with a boho twist on fashion.

To end this post I owe a huge thank you to Chloe Moss and the ChloBo jewellery team for personally inviting me to the event. Thank you to Julles London and the Steff’s jewellery team for being so generous and kind for gifting me with beautiful pieces. Then a last big thank you to Steffan’s jewellers for hosting the brilliant event.

ChloBo Jewellery Instagram: chlobojewellery – ChloBo website

Have a look at ChloBo’s most recent collection, the Cherabella collection! It’s beautiful!

Steffans jewellers Instagram: steffansjewellers

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Love, Sophie Eleanor xo





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