A Week in the Life of Sophie

A week in the life of me!

I’m not incredibly interesting hahah, however I shall explain a week in the life of me, and what I get up to!
This post will include around two weeks worth of events that has happened to me. Purely for the fact that this week has been a bit quiet, everyone has quiet weeks and busy weeks!

So I believe it was last week, (It could’ve been the week before), I was asked by a lovely girly, Chloe Pack, if she could do some make-up on me for one of her assignments. Chloe is on a beauty/make-up course and throughout the year she has done assignments for her make-up skills. It made me feel great that she asked me if I could model for her! As I’ve said previously I love make-up and beauty, but I hardly wear it, or much of it. So having a day modelling made me feel good!

However this make-up wasn’t typically what you would go out wearing, the theme was “Prom Gone Wrong”. Chloe used prosthetics to apply some scars and cuts on my face to make it look like prom had gone wrong. One thing I can tell you is that there was lots of fake blood…lots.

Chloe is SO GOOD at applying make-up and blending and everything. So talented!! Thank you to the wonderful Chloe for asking me to model for you, love u!

So do you wanna see pictures??


Close Up


I LOVED modelling for Chloe, thanks again girl!
Chloe has also asked me to model for her make-up on a catwalk which is coming up next month!!! I’m so nervous because 1) I’m not the typical model / person that you would normally see on a catwalk. 2) I’m short and not extremely slim. However, with these thoughts, i’m just going to try my best, do the best walk I can and have lots of fun. It’s in Milton Keynes, by John Lewis…so if you know MK it’s the huge square area hahaha, it’s too big…
But i’m going with a super positive mind set. It’s something new that I can put on my CV and I can at least say I tried my best for Chloe, and then tried my best for my confidence!

This is Chloe’s work / portfolio for her beauty and make-up assignments.


Page 2 of her work!

The theme was so different and really interesting! Gruesome but interesting hahah!

Her Instagram is: chlopack

A day with my bestest pal

I’ve mentioned Meg before on a previous post, she’s cute!

We used to go to the same sixthform, however now i’m at uni and she’s working, we see each other just when we can!

She says she has a busy schedule, but she fits in to have time with me, how kind of her 😉 hahah!

We spend the day at Rushden Lakes, had this hot drink and it was YUM. You can probably guess which ones mine..

The nicest hot-choc ever!! I’m a huge fan of cream and marshmallows.

The caramel shortbread was also mine…yum!

I love spending time with her and just talking about anything and everything, she’s great.

Meg’s Instagram is: megmcguckin

During the day, she mentioned that she wanted two outfits for a festival she was going to soon. So she asked me if I could pick the clothes for her and OH MY, I was in my dream job for about an hour.

Styling is my favourite thing to do, so being asked to basically be a personal shopper was very fun indeed.

You’ll most likely see the pics of her in the outfit’s on her Instagram. Otherwise i’ll try to get hold of them and put them on here!

Sisterly Love

I’ve again mentioned before I have a sister, her name is Megan too hahah, I must like ‘Megan’s.

So, another day I visited Rushden Lakes, purely because my sister doesn’t live at home so when she visits sometimes she likes to go shopping, and on that particular day she wanted to go to Rushden Lakes.

I enjoyed walking around the lakes, if you haven’t done that then you really should! On a sunny day it’s lovely to walk around and see the nature and it’s just very relaxing.

Rushden Lakes

We visited a cute café which is upstairs in a shop called ‘Magazine Heaven’.

Magazine Heaven is SO CUTE inside. Filled with books, magazines and little bits and bobs that you can purchase. My sister bought a fashion magazine.

The café is very nice, filled with gluten free goodness and all sorts of healthy options. They do lots of ‘free from’s, which is a nice option.

I had a gluten free brownie!

Magazine Heaven Store


Walking about the shops, I saw this gem of a hoodie. The shop is called ‘Two Seasons’, which is a skater shop. I’m not a skater but I do love the jumpers and Tee’s.
This hoodie is from: ‘Billabong’.
I love the sleeves because they’re so wide, and I like the material and pattern.
I will wear it on summer evenings and on my holiday. I’m going on holiday with my boyfriend and his family in summer and i’m so excited!
Spain here we come!!

Outfit of the Week!

This is my favourite OOTW, details are shown.


My dad wanted me to show you all his discovery that the core of the inside of peppers had smiley faces hahah!

We’re not sure if all peppers have this, but we thought it was so funny so we took a picture of the smiley peppers.

Purchase of the Week

The purchase of the week would be this body suit from Zara.

Me and my mother went to Milton Keynes and had a look around in Zara. Sometimes Zara can be so messy, especially in the MK store. However, finding this bodysuit was pretty easy and not bad pricing!

Zara  Ribbed Bodysuit: £12.99

               !!! BIG NEWS !!!

I have bought myself a domain, which will be my new blog page!
I’m so excited to get it all set up and ready for you all. It will include posts from fashion to events to weekly topics.
I’ve enjoyed writing on here so much and it’s been a great first platform for my fashion writing.
Hope you all stick with me as I begin blogging on my new page.
My page is called “itssophie.com” and I LOVE IT.
Simple and effective, also easy to remember hahah!
Sophie Eleanor / itssophie xo


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