So as you can tell by the title of this post I am a winner !!! YASSSS!

And as you can tell I never win anything hahaha, hence why I am so happy that I won this prize from them!

A few weeks ago, I entered a competition from Benefit Cosmetics UK to win £250 worth of benefit products. The loveliest girly ever, Charlotte Price, is a blogger/vlogger who collaborated with benefit for this competition. Her Instagram is: scarletslippersblog. All I had to do was like the picture she posted of the products and follow Benefit Cosmetics, (tagging a friend was optional too). So with all of my incredibly hard work in this comp hahaha, I won! Me, out of all people, won!

I am chuffed and excited that Benefit Cosmetics UK either chose me out of all the people (by looking at my Instagram) or it was random…but I am overly pleased!!

At university, I have previously collaborated with benefit on a project for their S/S18 Brow Campaign. I had to take 15-20 photographs of their brow products and make it into an Instagram page layout. Editing and taking the images was very fun and I look forward to working with another brand in the future.

However, this blog post is ALL ABOUT THE PRIZES!

I will show all of the products I won, and within the blog my favourites so far. Some products I haven’t even tried yet because I don’t want to waste the make up, but they shall all be tried on my skin soon.
If you have any favourite benefit cosmetics products comment below, I would love to know everyone’s!

Duo Shadow Blender

This is the duo shadow blender in the shade ‘beyond nude’ and I haven’t tried this one yet! I’m very excited to try it out on my eyelids.
I will probably get a warm colour from this to put on as eyeshadow. I’m looking forward to seeing how the colour turns out on my skin!
The packaging is a huge YES from me. It’s so extra and I loooove it.
The Pore-fessional
Again this is one I NEED to try soon. I have tested most of the products out but not all of them yet! 
This is an invisible-finish mattifying gel. The matt texture covers any shine to areas of your face. This is a large bottle too so it will last a lifetime.
I’m a fan of silver packaging, I think it makes any product stand out and look professional …pore-fessional.
They’re Real: Tinted Primer
So this tinted primer is in the shade ‘mink brown’. It’s for your lashes and it makes them more natural looking instead of black mascara. 
The mink-brown colour adds darkness to your lashes without you looking like you have make-up on. Works a treat!
Stay-Put Primer
The stay-put primer is in the shade ‘light/medium’ which is my skin tone, so works perfectly. My skin is pale however I have a yellowish colouration / tan and it’s very effective on my skin. 
This primer is for concealers and eyeshadow. I recommend this product highly. Benefit are a lovely company and I would love to work with them in the future if I ever get the opportunity.
Smooth it off cleansing exfoliator
I am extremelyyyy looking forward to using this product tonight, and every night yayyy!
Anything skin cleaning related warms my heart. I get excited about products that either moisturise or hydrate my skin.
I can imagine this will help my skin a tonne, and I will keep you updated on my Instagram on my skin. I might do a skin routine soon for a blog post, who knows!
Dandelion Dew
OH MY, this is one of my absolute favourites. I highly advice you ALL purchase this cheek cream blush. 
It is so soft on the skin and you hardly need much product for it to work its magic. The container is like a ‘pump’ and you only need the smallest amount and it works a treat.
The soft-baby pink colour allows your face to look brighter and more awake without you probably being that naturally hahah.
100% Recommend!
Cha Cha Tint
If you want a lip and cheek tint that stays on your face the WHOLE NIGHT OUT, then this is for you.
I haven’t tried this on my cheeks yet but I’ve tried it on my lips and it does what the product says .. it stains.
To be fair it does say ‘lip and cheek stain’, so it does what it says. I would only wear this if I was going on a night out or if I was going out for a meal and didn’t want my lip colour to come off.
It works great though! The colour is a dream. Colour: Mango-tinted
Lolli Tint
Another lip and cheek stain, colour: candy-orchid tinted. I’ve tried this on my hand just to test it out and the pinky colour is subtle on my skin tone. Would be perfect for during the day! 
The design of the product is like a small paint brush, its super cute and very easy to apply. Accuracy will be fine if you’re a person who’s a bit careless with putting on lippy.
Benefit Cosmetics UK do the CUTEST packaging for their products.
I feel so lucky to have been given all of these, yay for winning!!
Hoola, Zero Tanlines
This Hoola Zero Tanlines is a HUGE BOTTLE. I’m not joking, it’s massive. I haven’t used this one yet because I want to get a bit of a tan first and then add onto it using this. But then again, I could just use this to make myself naturally bronzed. Decisions. 
The little skirt is great packaging and promotes the idea of the tanning very well. This all over body bronzer will be perfect for summer.
24-HR Brow Setter
I had seen bloggers / vloggers wear this brow setter and they all said how good it was, and lemme tell you, they were right.
I have tried other brow setters in the past and they’ve all been a bit gunky and been sticky. But this one is clear, keeps your eyebrows in place straight away and is super easy to apply.
I don’t tend to put any colour on my eyebrows, I only use a clear setter because my eyebrows are thick and there is a lot of them … so they need to be tamed.
Push-Up Liner
This lash-hugging gel liner pen is in the shade black.
Its not like other liners I’ve had in the past. To get the product out, you twist the bottom of the pen and it sort of spills out of the tube that way.
The tip of the gel liner is diagonal and thin, which allows you to place the pen neatly onto you eyelid and draw a straight line with ease.
I feel incredibly happy to have all of this make-up.
KA Brow!
As I’ve said before I don’t wear anything on my brows apart from clear gel. But this KA Brow benefit product has won me over.
To make my brows even more noticeable, I can wear this product without making my brows look fake or ‘too drawn’ on.
I tend to go for a more natural look, but this doesn’t effect that in any way! This is the shade ‘3’. (it says 3 at the top of the product so i’m guessing it means shade).
A brow product I will continue to use, I highly recommend.
Double the Lip
I’ve needed more lip products and I’m in heaven with this one. This ‘double the lip’ product is a lipstick and liner in one. 
The colour is: ‘criminally coral’.
To have a liner match your lipstick is truly brilliant. The coral colour suits my lips and makes it easy to wear on a daily basis.
A more natural lipstick and liner is good in everyone’s make-up bags.
Double the Lip (again yay)
You’re probably thinking ‘you’ve just done this one’. Well folks it’s another shade !!!
Shade: ‘ Fuchsia Fever’
I haven’t tried this one yet but looking at the colour it looks bomb! I don’t tend to have darker lip colours, I’m more of a gloss kinda girl, but I am sure I will be happily surprised when I try this on. It would be good for a night out or an evening dinner.
Roller Lash
I actually got this product from my uni project we did when we collaborated with benefit cosmetics uk. But thought I would share my opinion on it with you all. 
Before I had LVL lashes done, I would wear mascara all the time. But since having it done, I haven’t needed to wear mascara AT ALL because my lashes look curled and nice without it.
But as my LVL’s only last so long (because of the lash cycle), I needed to wear mascara again. This is the perfect mascara. I’ve always gone for thick brushes with lots of product on them, but this is a thin plastic stick and it works brilliantly on my lashes. I, once again, highly recommend benefit’s make-up, especially this roller lash mascara. They actually have their other mascara out now, but I haven’t tried it yet. If it’s as good as this one then they’re doing great with their make-up.
Next week’s blog will be a ‘Week in the life of Sophie’ and it will be filled with things I’ve been up to recently, and what a week in the life of me is really like. Probs not incredibly interesting but it’s always fun to have an insight into someone else’s life.
Hope you’ve enjoyed this post all about my prize of £250 worth of Benefit Cosmetics UK products.
Thank you to Benefit Cosmetics UK for choosing me as the winner, i’m forever grateful and thankful for all of these wonderful goodies.
Sophie Eleanor xxx



  1. Love love loved this post!! So happy that you won and enjoyed receiving the products. I'm a huge fan of the porefessional, they're real mascara, gimme brow, hoola bronzer and the new gold rush blush are my all time fave Benefit products. Really want to try the Hoola Zero Tan Lines, never tried it before and heard great things!! Can't wait for your post next week gal xxxx

    Char xxx


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