Taking time to talk about TK-Maxx

Did you like what I did there with the alliteration aye?? Hope you all appreciate it ahaha.
For this week I decided to talk about the brand … TK-Maxx. As you’re all aware TK-Maxx is pretty much everywhere and you can find some right good gems in their stores. From brands you’ve never heard before to high-end brands, you’ll find some great stuff. It is the brand that does great discount. Discounted stores do have my heart.
On Monday of this week, me and my sister, Meg, drove to Northampton and had a mooch about in the store over there. Monday was so hot and sunny, I LOVED IT. Sunny weather as you know is my favourite, I was out pretty much all day in the garden and then wanted to go out on my travels.
My sisters boyfriend, Fergus, came along too! So the three musketeers had a look in TK-Maxx. I found some banging clothing and I am truly in love. I thought about what I wanted to purchase and it was a hoody for summer nights and some extremely baggy tops to wear as dresses.
This top was the first fashion piece I saw in TK-Maxx. I instantly liked the colours. The stripes sit well amongst the colours and do well with separating them. This top gave me a beachy vibe for some reason, purely because I paired it with some shorts this week and it went together perfectly.
I would also pair this top with any coloured jeans really. It would suit most colours! Then I would match the clothing with some trainers and a small backpack to finish off the look.
Lee top, TK-Maxx: £15.99
Dedicated Brand
This particular brand I had never heard of before purchasing this over-sized top. All of the tops I bought in TK-Maxx were mens hahaha. But on a serious note mens clothes are 10x’s comfier I’m sure. So thinking carefully about deciding whether to buy womens or mens clothing I went for mens, so I could be comfy and stylish … sort of.
My style will differ from other peoples and that all OK! I enjoy wearing other clothes that most people wouldn’t wear. It’s all about being yourself and expressing your inner soul, and I just do it through my clothing!
This Dedicated Brand top is designed in Sweden. It is 100% cotton, organic and fairtrade certified, yay!!! All of the good stuff.

I bought this top purely because I was fascinated with the artwork that covers the front of the top. “Modern Times” – this just sends a powerful message to people who wear and see this top that nearly all of us are on our phones all the time, and that looking at your screens is now the “modern time”.
We all need to look up and realise that we need to communicate with one another and spend more time outside or doing the things you love or talk to new people and just get ourselves out there into the real world. I’ll admit, I need to do it more and so does everyone. Social media can seriously harm people if they take it all in too much. People’s lives aren’t perfect, it is just perceived like they are. LOVE yourselves and look up and eat some chocolate, or do whatever makes u happy xxx The point is that this top doesn’t only serve looks but it shows an underlying message about todays society.
So I bought it because it was pink and because I liked the message behind it pretty much. Could’ve just said that really. Anyhow …
Dedicated Brand, TK-Maxx: £16.99
I found this gem last out of the over-sized tops I bought. This is again a men’s top. I loved the font, the words and the message.
The grey, white and black font go well as a contrast to each other as well as the yellow colour of the top.
I don’t own anything from Diesel apart from this and i’m going to be having a look for more tops from them. The material is so super soft and I wear this as a dress.
I would pair this top with some white platform trainers or some black vans.
Diesel, TK-Maxx: £9.99
Criminal Damage
My FAVOURITE purchase from TK-Maxx by far. Again, I hadn’t owned anything previously from Criminal Damage but now I shall take time to find some good jumpers from this brand.
What first caught my eye was the checked pattern. Anything checked black and white just catches my eye and I have to have a look. The top of my new car is checked B/W so I guess I’m a bit obsessed with the pattern, oops.
The font of the logo took to my liking, I love contrasting colours eeee!!
The checked pattern goes fully around the back of the hoody too and it is all patterned inside the hood itself. Fabuloussss.
This is again a men’s hoody in medium.
Criminal Damage, TK-Maxx: £19.99
My Week

Even though I’ve finished talking about my fashion side of things for this post, I wanted to mention about events that have happened through the week. Just as an update! If you like this update then message me if you’d like me to do more.
Garden centre
On Tuesday, me and my family went to a nearby garden centre. I enjoy looking around garden centres and seeing all of the flowers and little bits and pieces that you can purchase. So looking forward to having my own garden when i’m older, eeek, the things I get excited about hahah.
Today I went to Beckworth Emporium with my family because we all decided to have some lunch out somewhere nice, so we decided on Beckworth Emporium.
This garden centre is so cute inside, it has all the plants and garden accessories outside and in the main part it has lots of little bits and pieces. From items for your house and gifts, to bags and purses. I always look at the Katie Loxton section they have in stock whoop!
I go to Beckworth Emporium quite a lot, mainly to buy Brixworth Pâté, if you haven’t tried it then YOU HAVE TO. It’s major in the Pâté world.
Food Food Food
Just showing all of you my wonderful Apple Juice and lunch. This Apple Juice brand is by far the nicest juice ever I swear. It’s mega sweet but not too much at the same time.
This was my lunch, I ordered a bbq pulled pork panini with some smoked cheddar cheese and OH MY, it was good !!
I don’t tend to go for much that is cheese related, apart from mac and cheese obviously because that’s on another level…a top level.
The chunky chips were fab and all of it was eaten in a flash.
To finish the post of, have a picture of me chilling in the sun whilst wearing my most recent purchase, from TK-Maxx of course.
If you don’t already, go follow me on my Instagram: soph.h
I tend to post my outfit pictures every couple days.
Hope you all try out TK-Maxx and find some absolute goldies.
Sophie Eleanor xxx

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