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Heyyyy fellow readers! It’s another Friday, which means another post woop!

Today I decided to write a blog post about how to style one jacket / cardigan I have. But I have to tell the backstory on the jacket of course …

So my dad (gotta love him), works in Banbury, its not too far away, probably like 45 mins. Anyways, he owns a jewellers / watch & clock shop, named: Banbury vintage watch & jewellery shop, so check it out if you’re ever nearby! He sells lovely items, from vintage watches to newer versions to gold and silver jewellery pieces. Anyhow, every Thursday in Banbury they have their market day, which is where everyone who has a stall comes out to sell their items, from fruit to well anything really! So my dad usually likes to have a wander about since he used to work on the market manyyyyyy years ago.
Carrying on, he was wandering about and saw this vintage bus. The Vintage bus was filled with vintage clothes inside and outside the bus! The people who owned the bus turned it completely into a vintage shop on wheels basically and it looked amazing! So dad told me about it and I wanted to look at it so badly so he actually facetimed me inside the bus hahah, so I was looking through dads phone inside this vintage bus and asked the ladies what was about really, and they were helpful but they didn’t know my style really so I just asked my dad to walk me about the shop on wheels.

Having a look about, my dad and I spotted a pink jacket. This jacket looks like a cardigan too so it’s a cardigan and jacket combined. I couldn’t feel or touch the jacket obviously so I took my dads honest opinion on it and he bought it for me (I just remembered I still need to pay him back lol). As well as the pink/purple jacket, I wanted another baker boy cap so he found one for me too which is like a greyish colour, which is cute too. The items are priced based on weight so it all came to £12 so I was very happy!

Anyhow, now you know the backstory lets get onto the styling part…

I chose this new jacket to base this post on because it’s not a jacket many people would 1) pick and 2) style easily. So I thought well if other people have similar jackets or pieces that they find hard to match with other outfits then hopefully this will help!

Style type: Street Style

Ignore the pile of clothes on my bed…I was deciding what outfits to go for hahah!
This casual outfit is perfect for just popping out or going to London for the day. It’s really comfy so it’s perfect for a long day outside or inside. The jacket is a thinner material than other jackets I have, which allows me to wear it in Spring and Summer without getting too hot but still being able to wrap up if it gets chilly.

My street style is a bit different from other peoples and I like that. I like the fact I get pieces that others don’t too often. Just allows my street style to be that bit different.

I like to wear a jumper with no top on underneath, I find that even though jumpers are thicker material than tops I don’t get as hot as I do with an added top on underneath the jumper. But layering this jumper with a jacket on top allows me to stay warmer if needed.

The trousers I am wearing are from Topshop. The trousers are almost like leggings, theyre very thin material but match pretty much everything. These are flared trousers and they are long! I would wear this outfit with trainers definitely!

Baker boy cap

This is the new cap I have from the vintage bus, it’s super cute and fit’s very well. This cap is a little larger in size from my other red baker boy cap but I would wear this with a low bun in my hair or my hair slicked back as you can see in this image. 
The cap was £3 !!! Amazing xxx

This is my other vintage baker boy cap, in red! I loveeee this one. I’ve spoken about it in a previous post if you’d like to know about it. It was £4 !!

Matching a bright cap or any coloured cap with this pink jacket is a must for me. Any accessory just adds to the overall look that you’re going for. So here the look is casual, but I would also wear this to London for a day trip.

People always presume that you can’t wear bright colours together otherwise it’ll look “too much”, but in my opinion the brighter the better. Again, depending on the look you’re going for!


Layered Jewellery

For many years I’ve layered my jewellery. It comes in phases though, sometimes I layer bracelets then sometimes necklaces. I always wear multiple rings though and I even layer them on top of each other!

I’m also loving gold and silver together. People always tell me that you “cant have them both together”. But hay ho, I like to be a lil different.
Silver necklace: Tiffany&co, Gold necklace: Missoma.


Here I am showing my rings that I ALWAYS wear and an added piece, a gold coloured bangle.

This bangle is from Kate Spade, eeeeeekkkk!! I love it!

My closest pal Meg bought me it for Christmas. I’ve mentioned her in a previous post too if you wanna check it out.

On the inside it says “Heart of Gold” on one side and the other says “Kate Spade, New York” and I genuinely love this bangle. I’ve never been a bangle type of girl because I’ve been worried they would fall off my weirdly skinny wrists hahaha. But I like to roll the bangle further up my arm and wear it as an arm piece. The bangle goes with everything I wear, I tend to wear it if I’m going out somewhere very nice.

Style type: Going Out yet Casual

For this style I wanted to show how you can mix casual with going out. The jacket can be made to what style you’re aiming for, and that’s with every jacket you own! You decide the elements you want to mix together and the piece comes to life!!

So I’ve matched here the vintage jacket with a thick black strap crop top, some blue jeans with a black chunky belt and some black heeled pointed boots.
The top matches the boots and the belt which is always a good sign, then I’ve paired the outfit together with some blue jeans to add to the causal feeling. If you wanted to be more Going Out instead of Casual then you could wear black jeans or leather trousers, whatever takes your fancy!

The jacket is still the main garment that stands out but it is more calmly put together by adding the blueness of the jeans.

Jeans: Topshop, Jamie
Crop Top: Zara
Belt: M&S
Pointed Boots: Miss KG, Kurt Gieger


These are two other ways of styling the jacket with this outfit. Off the shoulder is a YES for me. I’ve worn off the shoulder pieces for years and it allows you to show off either jewellery you’re wearing or a top / dress.


Buttoning up the bottom of the jacket still allows your chest / collar bone area to be on show but it covers up your stomach and waist area if you’re wanting a more dynamic look to your outfit. By buttoning up the bottom allows your figure to actually be seen more by the outline of your waist and thighs to be seen.

Style type: Flowy and Fresh

Summer is slowly on it’s way and I thought i’d show a summery piece that you can still match with jackets. 

The colour of the jacket being bold and bright allows the garment to match to the summer theme. I’ve styled the jacket with a white flowy dress and some silver slide on loafers.
The white dress is detailed so beautifully. I love a good embellishment. Detail on a dress is just a huge plus in my summer wardrobe.

Pairing the white dress and the jacket, I’ve included these slide on silver loafers. The backless loafers are an all time favourite of mine. They are easy to match with anything because they’re silver so they go with dark or light clothing.

The loafers allow my feet to not get too hot in summer and they look cute with dresses and skirts, I’m all for it!

Again, having the jacket styled open means my chest area is on show. The necklaces I’ve paired with the style match the shoes. The gold necklace would match my skin tone in summer because I tend to go more golden coloured, yay for tans woooop!

Dress: Topshop
Slide on Loafers: M&S

Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoyed seeing what outfits I can throw together to make a jacket match with anything!
If you want to make a style go together then you can, you just need a bit of confidence to be able to say “yeah that looks great” and then you can rock it.

Any questions feel free to message me.


Sophie Eleanor xxx


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