Gossiping about Glossier

Rise and Shine beautiful people!
So towards the end of last week I decided to purchase some Glossier products. I’ve been looking at their make-up and have been loving it for a while now. I thought to myself *why don’t I just get some already*. And me being me, it’s not too hard to persuade me so I gave in and bought some lushhhh products.

I wrote a tweet earlier that day to my fellow followers, basically just crying because I had no Glossier make-up and some fabulous lady replied with a link for 20% off, so I then knew it was my chance to try out the products, obviously it helped having the % off whoop!

So altogether I bought three beauty products. If you haven’t heard of Glossier then you should give it a search. Their motto is “Skin first, make-up second” which I really like. I prefer natural products and the ‘natural’ look, as I don’t wear hardly any make-up daily. But when I do wear make up I like it to be OK for the skin.

Glossier is an American beauty brand which hasn’t been around for ages, however its made a huge impact in the world of make-up. They seem to celebrate all beauty which I LOVE and here for 100%. So as a customer for the first time I started off pretty pleased, with just their lifestyle as a brand.

So getting into the Goss of the Gloss…

First off, their packaging is SUPER CUTE. I was expecting my sample that came with it to be a bit larger, but I guess it’s called a sample for a reason:( The pink interior and exterior is a major YES and the bubble wrap effect of the bag keeps the items safer and also acts like a nice material / print for the packaging.

When opening the box I was so excited, I never buy make up much and when I do it’ll be in person really. I’ve only ever bought make-up once online before and it was like a year ago. But I couldn’t wait for a pop-up store for this brand so had to purchase online and I will be doing so again, it came super quick and no damage was done in the process. I’ve heard and seen people’s make-up being completely ruined in the post, such as eyeshadows and powders and it makes me nervous purchasing beauty products online, however the packaging is safe and got to me within a few days, fab fab fab.


The box of amazing wonders also came with a sample and then some Glossier Stickers and a lil postcard from them, which is adds to the cuteness.

How cute are these??

Thought i’d mention all the stickers are on my laptop, I have a sticker collection on it of all the brands and places I like…you can judge but once it’s complete you’ll be jealous.


I really love on the cover of the postcard how 1) the skin tones are looking stunning against the blue back ground, diversity!! More diversity needs to be within the fashion world and modelling world. Everyone’s skin is beautiful, we are all unique!

2) This colour blue is one of my favourite colours. It reminds me of the tiffany blue and really stood out compared to the pink packaging.

3) I love a good helfie (hand selfie if you’re not down with the lingo like me)

Lip Gloss, Clear

So this lippy is a dream, and I’m not just saying that. As you all know ive said before that I like the natural look (its just easy to not use makeup) but I have bought many lip glosses over the years and let me tell you that this really does the trick.

The gloss is clear, it can be applied on top of other lip colours/sticks, however I wouldn’t do that purely because I wouldn’t want to ruin the lip gloss colouration itself. Quite a lot of the time when you wear a lip stick and cover it with a clear gloss, the gloss catches the lipstick colour and it mixes into the clear gloss in the bottle, which I don’t like. but whatever floats your boat!
The gloss is not as sticky as other glosses I’ve tried, and it’s also stayed on when I’ve had a meal out which I was happily surprised about! You don’t need much of it for it to do it’s effect on your lips. I just apply some to the bottom and roll my lips together so it is applied to the top lip using the extra gloss from the bottom. It’s now going to be my go to gloss!


Stretch Concealer, Light:

So yeah it’s a bit pricey for a concealer. I’ve had concealers just from boots which work great for my skin so i’ll still be keeping my collection concealers. However this product is great for under the eyes and for the shadowy areas.

The concealer is very light in weight and colour (I’m pale lol). The texture is very smooth and almost watery, it goes onto your skin with ease and gently covers your unwanted areas. I don’t have majorly dark under eyes, but it definitely lightens them up without having to put a load of product on to my skin.

I found when applying it that I only needed a small amount and it worked really well under my eyes. This concealer works very well to hide scars, as in coverage of spots that have over the years turned into scars on my skin. I wouldn’t say id use it as a spot coverer, it doesnt work well on me with newer spots (so the ones that need major covering) but it hides little marks on the skin which I also need. It certainly works on shadowy areas. It’s also good before you apply highlight to your nose, cupids bow and chin. It’s a good base as it makes your skin look super smooth and lighter without having even put any highlighter on.

Cloud Paint, Puff:

The last product I bought from Glossier was this Cloud Paint. The Cloud Paint is SO EASY TO APPLY!! No joke, it works super well. I would recommend watching some youtube video’s of people testing out the colours to see which one would suit your skin tone. I bought Cloud Paint in ‘Puff’.

Puff is a very pinky tone, it really makes your cheeks look healthier without it being too pink. When applying, you don’t need much product at all, a little goes a long way!

My sister bought the Cloud Paint in ‘Beam’ and she loves the colour of it. Its more of a peachy tone and really makes your skin just glow without it even looking like you have anything on! But I wanted to try the pinkier colour, Puff, and I really like the texture of the product too. It is very smooth and feels like you have nothing on your skin. I like to wear this also just along the tip of my nose, I like to have a ‘burnt’ look sometimes, just makes me look a bit more alive hahah. I am yet to try out the rest of their lovely products.


Hi me …

Wearing the Glossier Clear Lip Gloss. It makes your lips look healthy and it doesn’t dry them out at all either!! Shall be purchasing again as soon as it runs out. I only have a small amount of concealer on here along with my LVL’s, but it really does make you look more beautified without actually having anything really on.

And hello chubby cheeks hahaha
But the gloss works so well at also going into the fold in your lips and sort of filling them in, so your lips look even with a layer of gloss on them. Perfect for summer coming up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, gossiping about glossier.
I’m now off to get my nails done (gel’s) so you’ll probably be seeing that on Instagram later whoop!

Any questions feel free to message me.


Sophie Eleanor xxx

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