My Vintage / Second Hand Wardrobe

This week has been so stressful, getting back into the uni routine and sorting all of my essays and projects out, has been hard to get back into the normal days but i’m in a good mood because as I’m writing this I am sitting in my shorts in the sunshine loving life!

So last week I mentioned that I would be doing a post on my vintage wardrobe, so here I am!
This post will consist of my most favourite vintage items that I own and some second hand pieces.

So lets begin,


This first vintage piece was from a car boot sale in Earls Barton, they do car boot’s quite frequently. This was I think something like £1 or £2, so so cheap hahah! A lovely lil older lady was selling it and I thought it was super cute, a lovely yellow fleece.

Try car boots for vintage items, they’re worth it! Second hand pieces or vintage items can be so lovely.

These blouses are all vintage items. They’re from the vintage stalls in Milton Keynes in the shopping centre. They happen around 3 times a year and are so worth the wait!

I’ve done a post all about these blouses so go have a look if you want more information.

I’m a fan of a vintage blouse, they’re so different to what people wear now and you can make an outfit stand out by having a fancy blouse.


This is another vintage jumper, my latest post involved this jumper so give it a read!

Second hand / Vintage sweaters and jumpers are so comfy, you have to be careful if they’re too worn in because they can sometimes be rough and quite scratchy. But if you try it on first then you can roughly tell whether it’ll be nice to wear.


So my jackets are probably my favourite items for vintage clothing. I try to find branded older jackets in either vintage stores or in charity shops. But I actually found this jacket in Wellingborough’s Fashion Warehouse. I wouldn’t call it vintage (from 2012 – the year we were ‘meant to die’ lol) but the store definitely has vintage items, such as levi’s! So i’d give it a look at if you’re ever in Wellingborough.

Liquor n Poker – Pink Oversized Jacket

However this is a vintage jacket!! An old oversized vintage Levi’s jacket. I loooove the colour, it goes with everything!

As you all know Levi’s are great for their jeans. I have some Levi’s jeans and they’re incredibly comfy. I’m not wearing jeans today because we’ve had a mini heatwave and it’s so hot! I love the sun !!!

So this jacket was from Northampton’s Most Marvellous. I loved it in there, but I’ve been told it’s closed down which is sad:( They had super cute vintage items.

I’ve had jumpers from Bohemian Finds in Northampton in the past which I’ve passed on now, but that’s a store to look into for vintage pieces too!


My Dad passed this jacket onto me, it’s an oversized vintage Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. It is honestly mega comfy and the fact it’s oversized means it acts like a blanket hahah.

The style of it is one of my favourites, the padded design allows you to be warm during the cold weather, which we get a lot of in England.

The texture of the jacket is so smooth and is very light weight, considering how much fabric there is!

I’d recommend searching for a vintage jacket like this, it’ll fit in your wardrobe perfectly!


This blue jumper was from Most Marvellous as well, a long time ago! I bought it for the spring months, when it’s too warm I can wear it with a strappy top underneath or possibly nothing, and then when it’s warm I can layer it nicely because it’s quite thin material.

The blue of this jumper is nice because it matches my eye colour and means I don’t have to wear many other colours with it because it’s a bright blue and stands out.

This vintage jumper isn’t branded because I believe someone older made it a while ago and then just gave it into Most Marvellous for them to sell when they didn’t want it anymore. But I absolutely love it and I like to wear it and show off the person who made it’s skills. Designing is such a skill and I love seeing and wearing other peoples designs.


Here are my vintage wrangler shorts. They’re very short shorts hahah, but I do love wearing them, purely for the fact that they’re vintage shorts and that the design is wonderful.

If you haven’t heard of Wrangler then you’re missing out. I really like their old designs and creations.

I bought these shorts in Banbury, on one of their market days (Thursday’s) and someone had a vintage stall filled with different items, branded and non-branded.

I can’t remember how much they were but it was around £20 I believe.

The detail on the back pockets really stood out to me and they make the shorts much more fashionable.

These are high-waisted vintage Wrangler short shorts, and you should purchase some this summer!

These are all of my items together!
Look at them colours !!!

In addition I’ve placed my red baker boy cap on-top because that’s a vintage piece too!
I’ve wrote about the cap in my most recent post if you check it out too.

Colours are very important when it comes to vintage / seconds hand items. I like to choose my vintage or other pieces carefully because if they’re colourful I want the colour to have stayed nearly the same as it once was new, also I like the material to not be too worn so that I have room to wear it in!


Here’s a picture I took the other day enjoying the sunshine!!

No make-up and new haircut in the sun whoop! Letting my skin breathe for a while xxx

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post all about my favourite vintage / second hand pieces even if you’ve previously seen the, in other posts.
If you need any information about any of the items just comment or send me a message on my Instagram.


Sophie Eleanor xxx

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