Vintage Finds and Weekly Buys

Hello lovely people, hope you’ve had a great week!
Last weekend I spent time with my sister, if you don’t know her it’s your loss because she’s the coolest person ever, ly meg xx
Well anyways, spending time with my sister was really needed, she doesn’t live at home so when I see her it’s always fun. On the Saturday I went to Leicester to meet her and have a shopping day. I tend to never know what I truly want, I just sort of see what’s there and decide if the item is the love of my life at that moment in time, therefore I purchase. I’ve always liked going to Zara and shops like that but it’s time that I start to shop less in those kinds of places, I don’t find them very eco-friendly, because they’re extreme fast fashion brands.
So I’ve decided to shop more at vintage shops and charity places. If you don’t know me very well you wouldn’t know that i’ve bought many vintage items that I looove. Vintage clothes aren’t grim or gross, they’re fashion statement pieces a lot of the time which just need new homes. I find shopping at vintage shops so interesting and fun, I’ve pretty much always bought clothes and bits & pieces at vintage stores and charity shops very early on when I decided I wanted to be a more eco-friendly shopper.
So on Saturday we shopped in Leicester and had a look around the stores. Meg bought such a cute cropped cardigan from Urban Outfitters, but you can also wear it as a top so it’s perfect for summer weather. We spent ages in Urban Outfitters, I do love it in there. All the stationary and little home section is the cutest. Beforehand, we had a huge lunch in Frankie&Benny’s, t’was lush.
This is one of the vintage shops we went into. It is now my favourite vintage shop everrr. Located just outside Leicester’s shopping centre; it’s called The Vintage Scene. From old converse and vans to Hilfiger jumpers and little scrunchies, it has the perfect setting for many lovely vintage items.
The staff were so lovely and they give you a bunch of sweets and a cute logo sticker with your purchases, it’s the little things that count.
I walked in and had a mooch about, i’m quite picky when it comes to clothes that genuinely suit me. I personally think my body shape is quite hard to buy for because I have a ‘dip’ in my back so jeans can never fit me around the waist properly, if you know you know and we’re all here for each other hahaha.
But in this store I found the comfiest Vintage Tommy Hilfiger sweater. Went from £40 to £36 with student discount, whoop whoop.
I love the ‘Classic’ font on the sweater, it’s makes the item more appealing. Also I’m liking the white on blue situation, makes the writing stand out.
This sweater I think is a large, it’s definitely oversized on me and as you know I prefer baggier clothing.
If anyone knows any other vintage stores they like then either comment below or message me on my Instagram – soph.h
This is the same store but I had just bought this cute hat from a different vintage store just across the road, named ‘Wardrobe’. There used to be a Wardrobe vintage shop in Northampton but they closed it down for some reason.
This baker boy hat was actually on the wall hanging up, so I sort of just took it down and decided I wanted it hahha, luckily it was for sale. For £4 it was such a bargain. I’m loving the colour red at the moment, if anyone see’s any cute red summer dresses (or where to get them) then hit me up because i’d love to get some.
So this hat was from Wardrobe and not gonna lie i’m all for pink and red combination. A red top with some pink jeans or cardigan and i’m all for it.
I’ve also never been a huge fan of hats or caps but I somehow managed to believe that I suited this red baker boy hat.
Off topic, but I got my lashes done the other day by my boss, Aimee. She’s so lovely! I’ve worked at the hair salon for about a year now making sure the shop is all clean and tidy, taking calls and washing hair. I really enjoy it and I enjoy the chats I have with customers!
So my boss was wanting to take on a new skill so she decided to learn how to do LVL lashes. If you haven’t heard of them they’re basically perming your natural lashes and tinting them so they’re curled and you don’t have to put mascara on. So far I haven’t worn any make up at all and it feels great! Just having my lashes done makes me feel more presentable yet I don’t need any effort in the mornings, whoop!
So if you would like to get your lashes done like mine, contact the Hair & Beauty Box in Yardley Hastings and ask for Aimee. You won’t regret it!
Back on track …
So I’ve always purchased vintage goods and i’m going to start purchasing many more. If you’re not much of a vintage shopper then i’d suggest just having a look in some shops, you might find items that really suit you!
Next week i’ll do a blog post about most of my vintage items, then you can see the variety of things I like.

I enjoy cutting up old clothes and re-styling them / designing them. I have done this for quite a while now but I will document my designs / re-styling items on Instagram more. This is a top I changed. I cut the straps off because they were too thin and flimsy and they just didn’t suit me well. So by changing this into a bandeau top it allows my chest and arm area to be more free and would suit many more outfits ready for the summer months. I love a bandeau top, especially ones which are lacy and have something more to them! This new top would suit skirts, trousers and shorts.

So I will start to cut up more of my old clothes to make them more fashionable and ready-to-wear.

Just wanted to feature my boyfriend on here, this is Jonny, he’s annoying but cute at the same time.
I’ve just taken this picture just before I’ve wrote this post today so these are how the lashes look this morning, loving it!
He’s at Hull University so I don’t see him very often, but when I do I always love it and always look forward to seeing him!!
Also just to add about my week, I bought a Mini yayyyyy!! Meet Milo the Mini. I wanted a car which could make me be seen (because of the crash) and I loved the top of this Mini because it’s checked. So hopefully I will be noticed by other drivers from now on.
Hope you’ve enjoyed my post and i’ll catch up with you all this time next week.
If anyone has any questions about this post or anything drop me a message on here or my Instagram – soph.h
Sophie Eleanor xxx

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