Spring Looks 2018 – Blouses and Boots

The thought of Spring makes me excited as it means we’re even closer to summer.
However I love dressing up in Spring as because we can still wear our winter coats for the cold. The weather recently has been so on and off with the snow and then some sprinkles of sunny weather, it has me confused. I’m a person who’s moods get affected by the weather, when it’s sunny i’m nearly always in a great mood, when it’s dull and rainy I can honestly wake up and be in a bad mood all day, which isn’t nice at all, for anyone hahah.
But Spring does mean some killer outfits come out. I love to look on Instagram and Pinterest for outfit inspiration and to just see how others style themselves. Blouses are one of my favourite garments that I love to tie up and have it as a cropped shirt/blouse. So for this post I’ve put together some of my clothes and how I would style them for Spring.

Outfit One – Vintage Floral Blouse

This blouse was the first one I had bought from the vintage & crafts fair in Milton Keynes. Mk do a vintage & crafts fair about three times a year in the shopping centre by John Lewis. There are many stalls, from baby crafts & presents to vintage tops and garments, (and there’s food too).

I paired this vintage blouse with my check jacket from Zara, some very flared black cropped jeans from River Island and a belt from M&S.

I would wear this outfit with either some white trainers to make it casual or some heeled boots or flats to make it formal.

This is one of my favourite outfit’s at the moment for Spring!

Outfit Two –  All Saints Lovin’


Everyone likes to have a pair of blue jeans in their wardrobe. I have struggled in the past to find some jeans that make my legs look relatively nice hahah. But I’ve found some jeans that I love and I’m probably late to the party here but they’re from Topshop and they’re Jamie jeans. I’m not joking these jeans fit PERFECTLY! They fit in all the right places and I will be purchasing more in summer.

I paired these jeans with my favourite pink suede cropped jacket from All Saints and a white turtle neck jumper / top from Brandy Melville. This is the jacket of my dreams and I only wear it if I know it’s going to be 100% sunny and warm outside, because it’s suede I don’t want the rain to ruin it.

Shoe wise, I would wear again some trainers. I really like flatform/platform trainers, not majorly high but I do like a bit of a thicker sole on a trainer.

Outfit Three – Casual Collection

Again this is a casual outfit for the Spring season. I bought this jumper from DKNY in Bicester and it fit’s really well. It’s a cropped jumper and it’s very light in weight and thin, so it would be perfect with layers on or in summer too. The sleeves are cropped so it makes the garment a bit different from other hooded jumpers.

I would wear this white DKNY jumper / top with some Levi’s Jeans. My Levi’s are skinny jeans which are a dark grey colour. I believe dark grey jeans make your butt look nicer, for some reason it works idkw, so if you’re looking for some butt hugging jeans get these hahah.

I would wear either my checked vans with these or some high top converse.

Outfit Four – Vintage 70’s Dotty Blouse

I bought this blouse from the vintage fair in Mk also. It was two for £25 so I had to have them. This blouse was made in the 70’s and it fits me really well. It is frilled and it makes the blouse so interesting. I like to tie up my tops / blouses / shirts just to make them more relaxed and not look too formal. I think cropped tops or blouses accentuate your waist and show off your figure more.

I paired this with my very fluffy faux fur black coat from Zara, some faux leather black trousers from Zara and then adding a pop of colour with my Coach bag.

I would wear either my slip on loafers from Berties of London or some black boots.


Outfit Five – Spring ‘n’ Skirts

Spring also means sometimes warm weather occurs (rarely), and when the warm weather comes to light the skirts come out. This skirt is from Brandy Melville and it’s a short black skirt. If it’s windy outside I would consider wearing a longer jacket / coat such as the one shown so your skirt doesn’t blow up – it can be awkward when that happens, trust me.

So I’ve paired this Brandy Melville skirt with a vintage blouse from the Mk vintage stall (bought it with the other one for two for £25), and my camel coloured light coat from H&M. The coat doesn’t have any fastenings so it is worn open which allows the rest of the outfit to be seen.

If it’s cold outside, I would wear some tights just to add some layering on your legs. In addition, I would wear either some black heeled boots, plain boots or my over the knee black boots, which are from Public Desire. Boots, boots, boots!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and seeing some of my favourite outfit’s for Spring 2018.
If anyone would like to know how much any of this was let me know by messaging me on Instagram. Or if anyone needs any help with styling, i’m not fantastic and i’m not a stylist at all but I can always help!


Sophie Eleanor xxx

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