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Today is my mothers birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the coolest mum ever! Gotta love her, she’s such a babe.
A few weeks ago I wrote a post dedicated to loving yourself and also dealing with confidence issues. I wouldn’t say I love myself fully yet, but I do like certain things that I can do, so i’m trying to tell myself daily one new thing I like about myself. So today i’m liking my attitude and dedication. I’m trying to be more positive so hope that carries on.
In the mean time, i’m trying to make myself be healthier. For a few months now I’ve been having bananas with Weetabix for breakfast, some people will probably think that’s grim but I actually like it. However, last month I stopped trying to be healthy for a few personal reasons, but i’m now trying again and i’m fully dedicated this time.
Starting today i’m planning on running every day. I used to be a sprinter for Northampton & Rugby Athletics Club a few years ago. I plan on building back my fitness by going on runs and eating healthily. I’m also wanting to start ballet again just for a skill I could learn and start the gym also for fitness.
This is my figure at the moment. I would like to try and lose weight / tone up in areas that I’m uncomfortable about. I don’t want to radically change my figure because I want to express the figure I have been given. But I want to just try work on it and be the best version it can be whilst i’m this age.
Toning up would benefit me because I would love to eventually feel comfortable in swimwear, shorts and other clothing.
I will try to document my journey on here every now and again and i’ll post some images on Instagram of my progress. I’m not a fitness guru or anything by any means!! But I want to work on the best version of myself, mentally and physically.

I feel very weak a lot of the time. I cannot pick heavy things up without needing like 15 seconds to prepare myself or have a break.

I’m not quite sure why I feel very motivated right now. A few things have happened to me this year that have made me realise that we’re not going to be here forever and anything can happen, so why not start now?

I would love to be able to tone up for my holiday coming up in the middle of summer. That isn’t the reason i’m wanting to do this though. I’m doing this for myself and my mental health too.

I’m going to try to eat healthier, eating whole rolled oats in the mornings and have yoghurts, fruit and veg and just have everything in moderation.

My ultimate goal is to be healthier, toned and more positive. Mental health is close to my heart and I am very passionate about the subject. I hope this year and forever more mental health won’t have its negative stigma and more people will feel open to talk about issues or anything personal they wish to share.

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that i’m not a huge fan of my legs. But with the help of exercise and running and eating healthily, hopefully i’ll be able to get the figure I would love to have.

Legs, bums and tums is the goal. To tone up, shape up and move up in the world!

I’m not going to be 19 forever so I best make the most of what I can do now. Excuse the sliders, I wear them everywhere, they’re super comfy..and they’re pink so I had to have them.

I would like to gain some muscle on my arms too. As I’ve said i’m quite weak and I would just like some more upper body strength so I won’t feel useless when it comes to lifting a few boxes hahaha.

As you can probably tell i’m insecure on parts of my body and self and everyone has their insecurities! I’m OK with finding mine and now hopefully going to just have a healthier person within me.

I would love it if anyone shared their recommendations for possibly gyms, or foods  / smoothies / shakes, or any yoga or fitness routines I could try. I would really appreciate it. As I’ve stated i’m not a fitness guru and I have no idea how I will fully achieve this, but I can at least try slowly and build myself up.

If anyone needs a gym partner or running partner hit me up !!! I’d love to train with someone/people.

In addition, I would have started this journey earlier but I’ve used the excuse of “it’s too dark outside” for months and now it’s light I feel more motivated (shouldn’t have been an excuse but hay ho).

Now I have no excuses, i’m going to push myself to be the person I want to be. I don’t want to change myself fully, but I want to tone up and just have a healthier lifestyle and mindset and exercise and being out in the sunshine will help me achieve that.


Sophie Eleanor xxx


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