Jewellery Collection

My Jewellery Collection 2018!
I am a huge fan of jewellery. Over the years, I have differed to what jewellery I prefer to wear. I’ve always loved bracelets and necklaces but for about 2 years I’ve loved rings.
I wear six rings every single day, they’re my go to jewellery and I feel completely lost if I don’t wear them.
I usually have a necklace on too, depending on what outfit I wear I change my necklaces to that occasion too.
With bracelets, I tend to wear them if it’s a special occasion, or if i’m on holiday.
These are my favourite necklaces. These three match every outfit and I love them.
From left to right: Missoma, Tiffany&Co, Tiffany&Co.
My sister bought me the Missoma necklace for my 19th birthday, it’s the one I wear the most at the moment. I’m now obsessed with Missoma jewellery and i’d love to purchase more when I save up. I’m trying to save up for so much at the moment, holidays and all sorts!
Both Tiffany&Co necklaces I have had for a few years and they haven’t worn or been scratched much, I try to polish my jewellery often.
The middle Tiffany necklace I was worried about because I didn’t want the blue heart to lose it’s colour but I’ve had it for a while and it looks as good as new!
Here are all of my bracelets.
From left to right: All of the silver is Tiffany&Co, then the far right one (the blue one) was from Jonny when he went on holiday like three years ago.
T&Co is one of my favourite brands for jewellery if you can’t tell ahhah. I’m very thankful for every single piece I have and I never take them for granted, I look after my jewellery and have done for years and years. Many of my pieces are from years ago and I’ve just managed to collect them and not lose any! A lot of these have either been presents for exams or birthdays over the years. Also because my family know I love jewellery more than clothing they’ve always gone for jewellery as presents for me, which i’m again extremely thankful for.
The one on the left I bought for myself. The chain is super comfy. It was jonnys birthday and I bought him a chain that he could wear and then (if i remember right), with the extra part of the chain I asked my dad to turn it into a bracelet. So we were matching, how cute of me.
So he has a chain and I have a bracelet.
The two bracelets in the middle, one was for my exams and then the other was my birthday.
The blue bracelet Jonny bought for me I absolutely love. A bit of it snapped off so I need to get that fixed so I can wear it again! He knows one of my favourite colours is blue and when I wear blue it brings out my eye colour more (I have blue eyes), so I like to wear blue often!

My ring collection!
So I always wear six rings. The seventh one (the top right) is the first ring Jonny bought me. We were in London for the day at Camden Market, i’m obsessed with going there, I need to have a trip soon.
It’s a small silver infinity ring. I love the look of infinity necklaces, rings and jewellery in general. I actually thought i’d lost the ring once and I was mortified, just because he bought me it and it means so much to me. But I found it in a clothes pile of mine hahaha, typical me.

My left hand:

My dad bought me the statement T&Co ring for my 18th birthday, and then Jonny bought me the other Tiffany infinity ring for a birthday too, I think it was my 17th!
Both are super comfy.
The statement ring is sometimes tricky to get off but it’s probably because it’s a chunky ring, or I have fat fingers, either one.
Then Jonny bought me the first infinity ring which I just included into the picture to show you it.

My right hand:
You might be like “why does she wear two thumb rings?” Well I like to wear two. I like chunky rings and rings that stand out so wearing two makes them stand out even more. I also believe it makes my thumb look thinner, but probably doesn’t hahaha.
So the bottom thumb ring is from my sister. She bought me it from her holiday, I cant remember the make but its a thin silver thumb ring and it’s one of my top favourite rings.
The second thumb ring (the one above the other), is from Annoushka. If you haven’t heard of it i’d look it up, they do really pretty rings and other pieces too. I bought this one myself!
The next ring, the green one, is from my sister again and she bought this from a vintage fair in Cogenhoe, near where I live. I love how it’s green because it stands out against the others. I like gems and stones in rings!
I bought her one at the same time and she wears hers every day, sisterly love.
The far right one is from T&Co and it was my first ever ring from Tiffany’s that my family bought me. It is an all time favourite of mine, it’s a heart shape and i’m a fan of the heart on their pieces.
These are from Topshop and I only bought them last weekend. A girl who worked there in Newcastle wore them so I asked her if she could show me them and she was so kind and nice! They suited her so much so I wanted a pair hahah. They were £6 and they look super cute on. The bigger the hoop .. u know the rest.
So the hoops I tend to usually wear are just the small ones, however when I bought these i’d never worn bigger hoops before, I just didn’t think they’d suit me. But after purchasing them and trying them on they look hella cute.
The larger hoops I like to wear when my hair is up, so you can see them more. But I also wear them when my hair is down too. The middle & small pairs I wear with whatever and whenever, they’re good for every occasion. They have a gold pair, a silver pair, I think a bronze pair but I might be wrong and I have the rose gold! I’d definitely recommend.
Last but not least, my first pair of earrings!
My mum is a huge fan of this brand and that’s why I’ve always liked them too. When my mum bought any i’d be so jealous just because the pieces are so nice.
I had my ears pierced when I was in year 7 (I think) and I wore studs that my mum got me. We went on holiday to the US and my family bought these for me and I literally fell in love. I’d never had anything like them before and I was so nervous of wearing them!! So I’ve had these for years and years, and when I wear them I get people compliment them because they’re eye catching especially if you have your hair up!
I try to polish them when I can so they clean and shiny. But I also like the wear and tear my jewellery has, because it shows how much I wear every single piece!
I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the different pieces of jewellery I have. Message me on Instagram or on here if you’d like anymore information about any of them!
Sophie Eleanor xxx

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