London Fashion Week Festival

LFWF was such a great experience, I loved the whole day out! Joining me at the festival was my sister, Meg, and then her friend Brierny. Hanging out with them for the day was really nice. My sister doesn’t live at home anymore so when I see her it’s always great and we have a laugh.
The fashion festival was well thought out and working behind the scenes i’m sure it would be chaotic, but they did an amazing job!


To get to London we got the train from Northampton, and it’s a pretty nice station, has a Starbucks so I was happy. We got the train very early because we wanted a whole day out in London. The weather was extremely cold but was so sunny! I wore my Zara Check blazer with my flared black culotte styled jeans from River Island, paired with a shirt I bought from a vintage stall, and some slip on black loafers from Berties of London. I took my pink over the shoulder bag from Coach too.
I have so many pictures so this will be basically a blog filled with images I’ve taken.
After we got the train to London, we got the underground to the event area. We were very early so we went on a walk to find a coffee shop because I needed a hot drink so badly, it was so cold. We found a Costa and I had a hot chocolate, hot chocolates are the loves of my life.
Afterwards, we went to find some clothing stores, we wanted to have a mooch about before we went to the fashion event.
We went to Zara, Mango and Brandy Melville. My sister bought an amazing purchase which was an oversized faux fur pink/purple coat, which if I do say so myself I found it for her, so you’re welcome Meg. I didn’t buy anything in Zara or Mango, but I did find the comfiest jumper from Brandy Melville.
I’m a huge fan of Brandy Melville, I love their clothes and theme of a beachy lifestyle. However, their one size fits all is a load of crap. One size does not fit all, it’s such a rubbish ‘logo’ and I believe they should really change it considering everyones bodies are different and we don’t all need to be the same size.
Apart from that, I really do like the store, it’s interior design I love, plus they have free stickers at the tills so if you’re a collector then hop on that one. I tend to purchase jumpers and tops in Brandy Melville, because they tend to be stretchy and I live for being comfy.
My friend Georgina actually inspired me to purchase this jumper. She wore it once and I loved the look of it! She looked so good in it so I had to try it out for myself, it’s £32.00 and extremely comfy. I couldn’t find it online so I went into the store; I saw it and dived for it.
I would pair it with some blue skinny jeans and some converse or vans.
After shopping we had to get lunch before we went to the show. We found a Pret A Manger! I had this, it looks quite grim but it was tasty. It was macaroni and cheese, with cauliflower and then some sort of weird ham/bacon thing on the top..I didn’t eat that part. But overall it was a nice quick lunch.
Finishing lunch, we walked around the corner to the fashion show festival. The place is HUGE.
So much clothing, stalls and so many people. I get a bit funny when there’s a lot of people around me, just nervous and things but as the day went on I was fine in the end.
The clothing stalls were very expensive. There was so much Gucci and Dior around I just wanted to grab it all. One of the brands I like also was there, The Ragged Priest. If you haven’t heard of it I would search it up! Its clothing can be a bit too much for some people but I like how quirky it is. So they had a stall there filled with cool clothes and there were also many fashion brands I hadn’t heard of. I like to learn about new brands and see what they have to offer.
One of my favourite jewellery companies were there too, Missoma. If you haven’t heard of them either i’d search their jewellery up because it’s b e a utiful. I have a necklace from them and it’s from their roman collection, my necklace looks like a roman coin!
Here’s some pictures of inside the event:




The LFWF Show
The fashion show was my absolute dream. I have always wanted to go to a fashion show and I loved every minute of it. The models looked amazing and the venue was wonderful. It’s creativity throughout the show, from their clothes to styling to interior design was so out of the box that I couldn’t have thought of a more creative setting for this specific show.
If you know me personally I’ve always had a connection with fashion. I love to style people, I enjoy sewing and I love the aura from people who express themselves through fashion and their clothes.

Here are some of the models who walked the show. I love to capture memories and moments in life with either a camera or my phone. However I get a different sense of passion with seeing models on catwalks or in magazines. I’ve always wanted to model or have some part in a fashion show/catwalk/magazine, just to give it a go. As you all know models tend to be tall, and quite frankly I am a small gal. My height is something like 5,3 I think now? Anyways, so I probably wouldn’t make it in that industry, but if anyone ever needs someone to put make up on or do hair for or style then holla @ me, id love to do it, just to be a help for someone if anyone needs it.
I also have a passion for acting, I would love to give it a proper go soon in my life and see what happens. I would either take the route of acting or fashion for my career, so just going to see where life takes me!
When I was walking around the event, someone actually came up to ask me if they could take a picture of me, I said yes and it was actually really fun. She took different angles of me with her camera and it was just exciting. I was really chuffed that someone liked what I was wearing and wanted to take pictures of me in it.


I wish there were more petite modelling agencies or even just petite models in general. It would mean I (and all the shorties around here), could have people to look up to (or down to lol) if they want. I’m not saying being a model is the be all end all! A model who I do look up to is Ashley Graham. She is globally known for her amazing modelling and speeches. She gave a speech once which I was so amazed by, she said that people in the past have said some really horrible and mean things to her and about her. But she basically said she took that negative energy and it made her strive even more for what she believes in. She is such a strong and powerful woman who I believe is changing the fashion and modelling industry in an amazing and positive way, you go girl.

Going off on a tangent again…back to LFWF…

Here’s some pictures of me walking. I do love a fake candid walking/over the shoulder picture.
Me, Meg and Brierny ended the day with a Starbucks which was lovely.




LFWF in a nutshell was fabulous. From clothes to event to models, everyone rocked it and they all radiated with passion. For me fashion isn’t about ‘looking good’, its about showing the world how you want to express yourself that day. Some times you want to feel edgy, and then other times you want to feel like a floral girl in a flowy dress and that’s fine! That day I was feeling like a mixture of a school girl and a peaky blinder hahah!

The show was a definite one to attend in the future if anyone is looking to go. Be aware it is extremely busy, but you’ll have the time of your life!


Sophie Eleanor xxx



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