Sweet or Savoury?

Thank you all for reading my blogs, means the world!
Food is all fun and games until you have to decide whether you’re a sweet or savoury person. Me? Well i’m most definitely sweet. You can’t go wrong with a chocolate roulade, (thinking about cake now).
I’m that person who picks up the menu and goes straight to the dessert section to have a sneak peek. If the dessert is good then the mains must be, right?
Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, here’s some amazing foods you should try.

I go to Rushden Lakes outdoor shopping centre quite a lot because it’s not too far from me. The shopping area has quite a lot of shops, ranging from Boots to House of Fraser. I enjoy going there, especially when it’s a nice warm day and it’s sunny.
They’ve started to have more food areas and restaurants which is great considering I’m hungry 24/7, especially when I shop, I become some sort of food addict and need sugar and drinks to keep me going.
A place which I now love is Bill’s. I hadn’t been to one before so decided to try it out and it was really nice. I had steak and chips for the main, which in the pictures it looks just as good as it tasted! I always have apple juice for a drink because 1) I hate fizzy drinks, never liked them and never will 2) Apple juice is better than orange, don’t @ me.
The next picture shows my dessert. This was possibly one of the most chocolatey desserts I’ve had. It was rich without it being too strong. I can’t remember the prices for these but they were worth it. With desserts I prefer them with cream instead of ice cream, i’m picky.
So it’s worth a try if you’re ever at Rushden Lakes or see a Bills nearby.

Best Sunday Roast Everrr
I am a huge fan of a Sunday roast. I could happily eat just that forever.
A Yorkshire pudding is the best part I swear. My dinners would have to be covered with gravy, probably like an inch thick with gravy then i’m happy.
The Rose and Crown in Yardley Hastings has some great choices on their menu however you should go on a Sunday just for their roast, I can assure you that you’ll enjoy it.
The beef dinner was in one word … yum.
For dessert (always have to have dessert), I had once again a chocolate pudding. This warm brownie was the best one I’ve had. It was just enough for me to have, however it is incredibly chocolatey so you can only handle it if you’re willing to take in all of it’s goodness (and sickliness).
The wafer on top was a plus too xxx

The Shard, London 

Let me tell you this was the nicest mac and cheese I’ve had, and yes I did have mac and cheese with my steak, judge me if you like. It was such a good combination and they balanced each other out.
Last weekend I went to the Shard for Laura’s 21st birthday (my boyfriends older sister). We ate in the Oblix restaurant. We all had such a good time, the meal was lovely and their company was even nicer! We all had a great view of London as it was a sunny day and it was just very calm and cheerful! I’m not a huge fan of heights, I would rather stay on the ground, however I can honestly say that the view was amazing, I got a picture and went back to my table feeling a bit sick due to the height but yano at least I did it.
If you’re not great with heights then at least you’ll understand hahah.

The steak was cooked to perfection and the mac and cheese was a mixture of cheeses put together on top of the pasta. Mac and cheese is probably my favourite meal of all. I’m a huge fan of pasta, even though you’re all thinking “gosh she eats loads of meat”. I do like a burger, steak and stuff too.
The dessert I chose was a chocolate fudge brownie sundae, (I know I have a lot of chocolate). The only down side to this was they put nuts in it…I am a strong hater of nuts in chocolate. Nuts should only be a single nut, or a bag of nuts. Shouldn’t be in other foods, actually makes me cringe. But on the rarest occasion it was alright in this dessert. Maybe because the ice cream and brownie made the nuts not as obvious. Jonny, Laura and the rest of the family had such tasty looking meals also!
If you’re wanting an incredible meal and lovely views I would go to the Shard, it’s expensive though..but it’s London so it’s all expensive.
Teapots in Olney
I live right next to Olney and it’s such a pretty place to walk around. I tend to go to the charity shops and see if I can find any nice second hand clothes. I will do a post soon about where I get some of my clothes from, charity and vintage.
Thrifting is fun !!
Teapots is right in the centre of Olney and it’s near the main road. I go quite often to Teapots and I love to have a cream tea. For lunch however I have this, which looks weird but it’s good – a baguette with bacon and two poached eggs. The poached eggs honestly make the meal. I have this with a cup of tea.
I you’re ever in Olney and wanting a nice lunch and a quiet time then I’d suggest Teapots.
London Trip










Here’s some pictures I took from Laura’s 21st birthday weekend in London, at the Shard, Oblix restaurant, on the train and St Pauls Cathedral.
Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, comment or message me on Instagram if you’ve liked it or want anymore posts like this.
Sophie Eleanor xxx

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