Secrets – from my diary to my beauty

Hope you’re all having a lovely Friday!

My Friday has consisted of getting ready for the weekend and sorting out my life basically. If you know me I used to be not a very organised gal, I would rather do anything else than be organised. However, since last summer and mainly 2017 I have turned my life around by using a diary, and no it’s not one of them that I spill my personal stuff into but one for dates, events and to-do’s.


To-do Diary:
This was from urban outfitters, and its made by the company ‘ohh deer’. They have super cute things and I personally love a good diary. With a diary I feel like it clears my head and mind set. I feel less stressed and I believe I can accomplish the tasks that are needed for me to do, and I can achieve them successfully.  For me a diary such as this allows me to know what I’m going to do each day, whether it’s fashion work or cleaning my room.
It makes me feel productive and positive!
Beauty !!! – Teeth whitening
So first off, I always see people on Instagram with false eyelashes, extensions or LVL, and they look super cute! So if anyone recommends anywhere drop me a message on Instagram please, thank u xoxo
Carrying on, I don’t do much with my everyday make-up, I always just moisturize, apply a bit of concealer and then curl my lashes. Depending how i’m feeling I will wear mascara too, and then gloss on my lips. That’s pretty much my go-to products.
To pamper myself however I will try anything and everything. I love to have whiter teeth. For this I use Janina ultra white. I’m not kidding it genuinely works. I really don’t like my teeth to be honest, I’ve never had them straightened or anything and they’re small hahah. Anyways i’d love it if they were straighter and larger. But that can’t happen yet so to make myself feel that lil bit better about them I use whitening strips. With these you don’t need to put them on all the time, the whitening lasts for so long! The pack I have here is either a 7 day system which you use the 14 pouches (twice a day), or a 14 day system which you apply the pouches once a day for two weeks. If you’re a lover of whiter teeth then I’d suggest this product!
“The hydrogen peroxide-free formula is based on an innovative and enamel friendly whitening ingredient that removes stains and safely whitens teeth” – Janina ultra white.
Can purchase this from many places, drug stores and online! Just type in Janina Ultra White strips.
Tummy tricks – Alflorex:
I take one of these each morning and it really helps with bloating. Alflorex is a food supplement which includes bacteria which are part of the Bifidobacterium family. (Idk what that is either), however what I do know is that it helps my stomach not cramp and makes me feel better about eating out for dinner. I tend to get stomach cramps after I eat meals which I don’t usually eat. But taking one of these for 30 days really does the trick in calming down my stomach. In one box you get 30 capsules. To prime the gut it takes around 4 weeks for the capsules to fully kick in. I use it now on a daily basis as part of my healthy lifestyle and I wouldn’t go back.
Precision Biotics: £24.95
Charcoal bubble purifying mask:
My mum bought me this (gotta love her), to cheer me up and I can tell you truthfully it really did. I love to clean my face, I moisturize, cleanse, wipe and poke my face until I get clearer skin. If anyone again recommends any mask’s I could try out them comment on this post or message me through Instagram.
This mask was so strange, you had to rub on the packet in order for it to kick start the treatment. The mask bubbles on the outside…OUTSIDE. So whack yet so great, it worked wonders to my skin. Before hand I had my face steamed to open my pores and make my skin fresh. Then I applied this mask and it made my skin so clear and it reduced the redness around my spots.
Waking up this morning my skin is super soft and feels much cleaner.
It’s hilarious to watch your face foam up, so I’d give it a try just for a laugh too.
Superdrug: around £5.00
The make of the product is Skin republic!

                               How joke are these pictures though hahahaha, that’s what it does to your face! Completely foams up and thats the point where you know the air bubbles are getting to your skin and then you can wash your face afterwards.
Well moving on swiftly…
Mario Badescu:
I will do a blog post soon all about my skin care routine, including all the spot creams and gels that work for me. But for now I will mention this one amazing spot lotion, Mario Badescu’s drying lotion.
I have been using this for so so long now, probably for 3 years. People ask me how I get clear skin and in all honesty I don’t have magically clear skin, I work hard on my skin to get my results. But I do get spots, a lot of them and so does everyone and it’s all good! But when I get a painful or reddish spot I like to treat it with this. For the magic to work you don’t shake the bottle, you leave all of the product at the bottom of the lotion and let it sink. You dip a cotton swab into the pink sediment, dab it onto the spots/blemishes and leave it over night. When you wash it off in the morning you’ll notice how well it dries up your spots. For larger ones it takes a few applications but for small ones it gets rid of them overnight.
This is a very trustworthy product that I use on my skin.
Mario Badescu Skin care: around £16.00
You can purchase this from beauty bay and urban outfitters too.
Thank you for reading my secrets ranging from my diary to some of my beauty products. I hope you keep up to date with my Instagram also.
If anyone has any questions about any of the products or about my blog just drop me a message.
Sophie Eleanor xxx

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