self-esteem, confidence and self-love

To begin this blog I would just like to say that everyone gets confidence issues and that’s ok. I’ve struggled for a very long time with my overall confidence, especially body confidence and how I look. I’ve constantly compared myself to other women/ladies online and in person, and I’m slowly trying to come to the realisation that you can find people beautiful and not have to tell yourself that you have to look like that. You can embrace their beauty as well as your own.

I love to compliment my friends and even people I don’t know very well just to embrace their natural beauty. Compliments are a lovely way to express your feelings towards someone, saying if they look nice or they’re kind people and so on. But I used to believe that I was only ‘pretty’ if I got told I was online. But that is such a terrible mind set. If you know me personally you’ll know how much I put myself down about how I look etc. But I need to turn that around, it’s 2018, myself and everyone needs to embrace how they look and try to accept your ‘flaws’. You don’t have to pick out all your flaws all the time and compare it to someone else’s, ‘they have thick thighs, I want that’, ‘I want blue eyes but I have brown eyes’, ‘I want a toned tummy’. It’s ok to change yourself if you feel the need to but how you are naturally is just as fine.

This will take a while for me to over-come, but being slow is key. You don’t have to rush all of this, take your time to love yourself. If you already love yourself then that’s amazing! You do you! But if you’re a slow one like me it’s okay. The point of this blog post is just because you see all these pretty or attractive people online, doesn’t mean you automatically have to look like them. Those people you admire might feel exactly the same about themselves and may pick out their own flaws too. Flaws are OK!!! Everyone has them.

This week especially made me realise all of this. I met a wonderful known blogger/vlogger, Lydia Elise Millen. It was her first public speaking and she said how nervous she was about having such a huge crowd to speak in front of, as because she usually talks to a camera and can’t actually see how many people watch her videos/read her blog posts. Lydia explained how she was using her platforms to try and bring positivity to her readers/viewers and she also spoke about confidence issues. Even though I don’t know her personally I felt that she must be one of the nicest people ever inside and out and she came across to everyone as incredibly proud of what she’s achieved (which she should be). It then hit me that I should be proud of myself and what I’ve achieved. I’m only 19 and I have a long way yet, but realising this was me taking a huge step to getting over my confidence issues. Lydia is such a beauty inside and out and I would love to empower people like she does, or make anyone feel that little bit better about themselves.

Me with Lydia Elise Millen, how good does she look?! Also her outfit choice was on point xoxo loving it x
P.S, she also liked this photo people, winning at life.

When questions came up that people could ask Lydia I couldn’t help myself. I asked her about when she began vlogging whether she used a camera or just her phone or any added equipment. She said she just began with her phone (I so could’ve asked a way better question lol). Moving on swiftly, she spoke to me about why she began vlogging as it was more personal to the viewers and she said she loves it and how engaging it is with her watchers.
It actually inspired me to start vlogging as well as my blogs on here. So keep an eye out people I might begin my vlogs on youtube soon. I don’t have an extremely exciting life so be aware of that ahaha.

This blog isn’t meant to be negative, I want to send a positive message that everyone is different with how they act or look and that’s OK! I’m trying to do things that make me more positive, such as maybe starting to do weekly vlogs and eat more healthily. I also have a salt lamp in my room, everyone should have one!! My salt lamp makes me more calm and less stressed. I’d 100% recommend to purchase one, but if you’re not sure then I’d suggest to look up the benefits of them.

I’m trying to drink plenty of water, eat healthily, think positively and just be me. Do whatever makes you feel better about yourself whether it’s trying out different foods, watching great make-up routines or just reading a book. You’re all kind hearted and should feel beautiful in your own ways. You don’t need to look like anyone else but yourselves. You only have one body, mind and soul so slowly learn to love it.


Here’s a photo of me trying to learn to love my more natural self.

If you’ve liked this blog post or if you’re feeling more positive then I’ve hopefully done what I needed to.


Sophie Eleanor xxx

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