Winter Wardrobe Favourites

Winter is the cold season that you wrap up and wear basically everything you’ve got in one, just to keep warm. Winter is also the time of year that is cosy and chilled (literally). I always look forward to December due to my birthday, Christmas then New Year! Many events happen in the winter period which I love.

Clothing-wise, I sometimes struggle in winter to think of outfits to wear. However, my go-to’s would be big warm coats. Coats/jackets are an essential piece in a person’s wardrobe and I’m going to show you all some garments which have been my favourites this winter season.


Long sleeved bodysuits

I am a HUGE fan of a bodysuit. I love how tight fitting they are and how they also keep you warm without wearing millions of layers. This bodysuit is from Superdry. I don’t tend to buy from Superdry just because I don’t usually shop there and can’t find many things that suit me, but this is one of their new pieces. I have seen other bodysuits which look like this but I am glad I bought this one purely for the material and how nicely it fits. If you’re going to buy one I would suggest getting one size bigger because they’re quite tight fitting.

Superdry, ribbed bodysuit: £24.99

The JAMIE jean
I constantly saw online about how good Jamie jeans are. I never really understood it until I bought a pair myself and well..they’re my favourite jeans!!
These Jamie jeans from Topshop fit so nicely and hug all the right areas. The shade of blue denim was the main reason I chose these in particular. I’m picky when it comes to jeans, I have to feel amazing in them to want to wear them, as my legs aren’t my best asset. But these jeans I cannot recommend enough! The price is steep for a jean but they’re so comfy and flexible that it’s worth it.
Paired with a faux fur jacket, some converse and a plain top and this is my winter wardrobe.
Topshop, Jamie jeans: £42.00
Comme des Garcons X Converse
I’ve hyped about these trainers for absolutely ages and for my birthday my boyfriend bought me them!! I was over the moon (still am). The converse collaboration Rei Kawakubo did is great. These trainers are so damn cute with their little heart eyes. I have heart eyes for these trainers I swear. These shoes haven’t kept my feet insanely warm but they’ve made them look good so oh well! I haven’t worn them in snow yet (probably wont), but this winter and forever more I’ll love wearing these.
I would 100% recommend, purely for the fact of the heart eyes on the side.
Dover Street Market, Comme des garcons X Converse Play: £95.00
Faux Fur Fun
This is my favourite coat this winter. It keeps me warm, it’s faux fur and it’s pink so you’ve gotta love it.
The shade of pink for this coat is a must have in any winter wardrobe. It’s a subtle pink which matches nicely with most other colours.
There is a fastening for this coat however I tend not to use it, I just wear the coat open because I still get warmth without having to wear it fastened.
The faux fur doesn’t fall out like a lot of other coats that look like this, and it’s very soft, which is a plus; woo! The length is good for me as it lays just below my waist and the arm length is spot on too.
For all you faux fur coat lovers this is a piece you don’t wanna miss out on.
Gap, Oversized faux fur jacket: was £110.00 now £79.00
                                                                                   Grey is the Way

I got bought this for Christmas from my parents and they got my sister the matching pink one, so I guess we’re twinning. My sister is the one who wanted the pink cardigan and my family thought I would like the grey one, they were correct!
The cable knit texture is soft, doesn’t scratch or rub.
My favourite part would be the sleeves, they have a plait pattern down each arm and it makes the garment that bit more interesting.
The cardigan is meant to be oversized and it would pair well with any colour and outfit. I will wear this more in spring and summer, possibly with some shorts or a summery dress.
This oversized cardigan is for any time of year.
River Island. Grey chunky cable knit cardigan: £42.00
The jumper of dreams
Stripes are the way forward in life. I found this jumper in Zara’s winter collection and if you go to Zara you know how busy the stores can be. Luckily I found this gem!
The colours of the stripes fit nicely together and it means the jumper can go with a lot of other pieces.
I tend to tuck the bottom of the jumper inwards – shown in the picture. Tucking the bottom of the garment in means I can show the top of my jeans and a belt (if I wear one). Also by doing this it makes the jumper look slightly cropped which I personally like.
It is soft and extremely cosy, great for winter!
Zara: £40.00
These are my favourites this year in my winter wardrobe, I hope you like them and maybe you’ll want to try these items out for yourself.
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Sophie Eleanor xxx

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