Get the ‘Glowy’ look

Personally, my favourite look is the glowy/dewy look, it makes your skin look healthier and your face look re-freshed.
When I look a bit tired but don’t want much make-up on, I go to these products to brighten my face.

The one, the only…Egyptian Magic


My friend Jade told me about this product and what it did to improve her skin, so I had to try it for myself. I usually get quite dry skin on the top of my cheeks, and applying make-up can be tricky when having dry skin. But since applying Egyptian magic to my face it has done wonders. My face feels more soft, my cheeks don’t get dry anymore and it also makes my face look glowy in the process. This product feels a little like Vaseline and it lasts for so long! This all purpose skin cream has helped me get rid of scarring and my dry skin. When wanting glossy skin, I apply this all over my face, you don’t need much of it when applying. Just a thin layer of this on your face; it’ll make you look and feel great.

ASOS, Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream: £29.00.

The more pink, the better!

This liquid chrome highlighter from Barry M is the most pigmented highlight I have in my make-up bag. I bought this back in summer and it is still as good when applying as ever. With this product I tend not to put it directly onto my skin. I drop a bit onto the back of my hand and then apply it onto my skin for a nicer finish. Barry M have other highlighters like this in a range of different colours. With this highlight I use it on the inner corners of my eyes. It creates a glossy effect and allows my eye colour to stand out more.
Superdrug, Liquid Barry M chrome highlighter: £6.99

Beachy burnt vibes anyone?

I am a lover of the slightly burnt look on my cheeks and across the tip of my nose. The pinky tones this Charlotte Tilbury cream blusher gives mix really well paired with a golden highlighter. With this blusher I tend to wear it more natural so the pink/burnt look stands out. I prefer to have a bit of colour on my cheeks so I don’t look as pale. For all those who wish to have glowy skin, I would highly recommend this product. There are a few other colours of this blush stick so I would see which would go well with your skin tones. With this stick you do not need a lot of product on your face for it to stand out. In addition, with my skin, cream products work much better than powders. The blush colour lasts all day, you never need to re-apply.

Charlotte Tilbury beach stick, Las Salinas: £30


XOXO Golden Girl

This Benefit product stick was my first highlighter. How this highlight lays is like no other. The golden dewy finish this gives can be perfect for any event, going to a grand ball? Going to the co-op? Taking your puppy for a walk? The point is for any event this is a great go-to highlighter.
Even though I was born in December I’m definitely a summer baby, any glowy/golden products have me in awe. Applying this highlight, I put it straight onto my skin wherever I would like to be glowy because it isn’t too strongly pigmented. Wearing the highlight and catching a glimpse of it in the sun will make you look and feel like a goddess. It is definitely one for the make-up bags.
                                                                                    Benefit, Watt’s Up highlight: £25.50

These are what the two highlighters look like on and the cream blusher. The products look 10X better on! Just giving you a glimpse of what the colours look like on the skin. The all purpose skin cream looks glossy and transparent.

Hope you liked this blog post all about my favourite products to keep my skin either feeling healthy or looking it. I’m no beauty guru but these are the products that make my skin look healthy, dewy and glowy. HDG for short. Faking the summer glow early.


Sophie Eleanor x x x

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