Hello lovelies, I’m Sophie Eleanor Henderson, 19, from the UK.

I am a first year fashion promotion and communication student.
I have wanted to start blogging for a while now and I have finally thought ‘why not now’ to start? So here I am writing my first blog of many.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and creations of my fashion styles with you all.
Own interests include: styling, hair, beauty, skin care, travelling and outfit inspirations. My blogs will consist of events I attend, what i’m up to that day (or week) and my current interests.

Scanning through Pinterest is my absolute favourite pass-time, not even joking. I live for ‘people watching’ too (sounds weird but you all know what I mean & I know you all secretly do it too). Looking at peoples street fashion gives me inspiration and I enjoy seeing how others style themselves, whether it’s with their clothing, beauty or hair.

Fashion and beauty are not just about clothing and make-up. They’re about your own personal tastes and how you express yourself freely through these forms of art. I would say my fashion style varies a lot depending on how i’m feeling that day, however I usually wear comfy, casual, oversized clothing (my go-to). Beauty wise, I tend to go more natural and glowy, just because I personally prefer it. Other times, if i’m going out to an event or anywhere nice, I love to put more make-up on and make more of an effort.

Instagram: soph.h
Instagram is my main form of social media, which I post my most favourite fashion pieces on.

Day 1 of blogging done – whoop! Hope you all carry on reading my blogs as I go through this journey with you all.

In the picture below I’m wearing baggy clothing (as per).
Over-sized long sleeve top: Zara
Necklace: Missoma


Love, Sophie Eleanor x x x

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